Pro Tools 110

Author: Andy Edelstein
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Berklee Online is the exclusive online provider of Pro Tools 110 curriculum, the second stage of Avid's Pro Tools certification program. Building on the foundational skills taught in Pro Tools 101, you'll learn a broader range of tools and Berklee production techniques that will help you tackle more complex projects using Pro Tools 11. Pro Tools 110 focuses on working with expanded hardware and software configurations, developing versatile tools for manipulating and editing both audio and MIDI data, and implementing various techniques to facilitate larger and more sophisticated mixing scenarios. As in Pro Tools 101, this course will provide you with real-world examples and frequent hands-on assignments that will enhance your capabilities in all aspects of Pro Tools production. Although this course is designed to build on the information presented in Pro Tools 101, it is also an appropriate starting point for individuals who have previously acquired basic Pro Tools functionality on their own (see prerequisites).

For those students who have successfully completed the Pro Tools 101 Exam, you will have an opportunity to take the Avid Pro Tools 110 Exam online, at the end of the course.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Learn to record, edit, work with both audio and MIDI and automation
  • Configure your Pro Tools sessions and interface with any external hardware
  • Utilize AvidBase browser features to manage sessions
  • Import a range of audio file formats and data from other sessions
  • Use additional audio and MIDI recording techniques such as selections-based punch-ins and loop recording/auditioning
  • Work with both sample- and tick-based timescales
  • Utilize plug-in virtual instruments and standalone applications streamed to Pro Tools via ReWire
  • Employ various MIDI track views and editing techniques
  • Apply Elastic Audio processing to tracks and quantize detected events to the grid
  • Explore additional options for creating fades
  • Process regions using AudioSuite plug-ins
  • Create tempo maps and quantize audio with Beat Detective
  • Integrate additional mix techniques in your sessions, including track grouping, sends and returns, submixes, and Master faders

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