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Whatever you call the music you specialize in—rock, hip-hop, soul, jazz, metal, or any other genre—you need a good arrangement to make your songs stand out. In this program, you’ll learn to create dynamic arrangements for rhythm sections, horns, small ensembles, sequenced/sampled sounds, strings, and woodwinds. You'll apply this knowledge to your genre(s) of choice and to a variety of commercial settings, such as television and film. Studying with Berklee’s world-renowned faculty, you’ll take your arranging skills to new heights and grow as a professional musician.

Course Requirements

5 Required Courses to Complete this Certificate

Arranging 1: Rhythm Section (OCWPR-130)
Level 1 Course
by Suzanne Dean

Essential learning for anyone interested in arranging music for a band, Arranging 1: Rhythm Section explores all aspects of writing and arranging for the rhythm section.

Arranging: Small Ensemble and Horns (OCWPR-231)
Level 2 Course
by Jerry Gates

In this music arrangement course, you'll develop your writing and arranging skills for smaller bands and larger ensembles and learn techniques that can be applied to both live instrumentation or sequenced/sampled sounds.

Arranging: Contemporary Styles (OCWPR-250)
Level 2 Course
by Dan Moretti

In this music arrangement course, you'll learn to create your own original grooves by analyzing, writing, sequencing, and recording the rhythms and styles that have influenced Western contemporary music.

Arranging: Advanced Horn Writing (OCWPR-332)
Level 3 Course
by Jerry Gates

This music arrangement course takes your arranging abilities to the next level of development by studying more advanced techniques for voicing chords, orchestration, articulations, and background lines.

Arranging: Woodwinds and Strings (OCWPR-333)
Level 3 Course
by Jerry Gates

In this music arrangement course, gain a practical, real-world understanding of the sound and personality of woodwind and string instruments, and learn how to properly apply them to songs, arrangements, and compositions.

Upon Completion of this Certificate Program, You'll Receive:

  • Professional credential from the world leader in music education
  • Credits that may be eligible for transfer toward a Bachelor's degree program
  • A physical certificate from Berklee College of Music
  • A verified, digital certificate that you can share


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