Online Faculty:

Russell Ward

Music Business

A public speaker and global media strategist, Russell Ward started The Confluence years ago before “digital” and “publicity” were a unified concept. Bringing the two together, Russell has led hundreds successful campaigns across industries and mediums and on behalf of brands and causes from over 20 countries. He maintains cross-industry relationships with press, artists, brands and tastemakers alike. In addition to leading campaigns in tech, blockchain, fashion, luxury lifestyle, travel and beyond, Russell has been the publicist and/or filmmaker for Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Shambhala, Wonderfruit, Zoukout, Ondalinda, Bestival Bali, Envision, Decibel, The Great Convergence, Northern Nights, DirtyBird Campout, Symbiosis and engaged national campaigns at EDC and SXSW.

Currently, Russell leads campaign strategy, business development, and production at The Confluence and is crafting an ICO to disrupt the booking process for live events globally. He has led a course on tastemaker marketing at General Assembly in Santa Monica, CA and been seen in the The Times of London, by LA Weekly, and NBC LA as a pioneer of digital content strategy. Russell graduated from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BA in Marketing with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Additionally, Russell is part owner of several global festivals including VujaDay in Barbados, Tmrw.Tday in Jamaica, and Restival Global, whose next event takes place in Oaxaca this New Years.