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Get Heard: Promoting Yourself & Navigating the Music Industry

As a creative, your ability to navigate the music industry effectively is key to long-term success. Get Heard is a masterclass designed to empower you with insider music industry tools and insights from Grammy-winning songwriter and America’s Got Talent producer, Courtney Harrell. Ideal for singers, songwriters, producers, musicians, and creative executives, this masterclass will help you finesse your story and personal brand into “the perfect pitch” that will capture the attention of important stakeholders and open up new opportunities you never thought were available to you. From the studio to the boardroom, you’ll gain the skills to engage your audience, build your brand, monetize your talent, and leave a lasting impact.

First, we’ll explore articulating and refining your personal narrative in a way that resonates powerfully with your audience and stakeholders while communicating a message of authenticity. Next we will look at ways to develop and maintain a personal brand that stands out. We will then explore and discuss strategies on how to deliver your pitch with confidence and authenticity while learning how to monetize your creative skills and turn your passion into a profitable career. We will end the session by going over how to foster meaningful connections and build long-term relationships in the industry that enhance your influence and reach.

  • Monday, August 5
    (Enrollment closes 5PM ET, Sunday, August 4.)
  • 7 - 9 PM ET


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What You’ll Learn

  • How to articulate and refine your personal narrative in a way that resonates powerfully with your audience and stakeholders
  • How to develop and maintain a strong personal brand that stands out in the competitive music industry
  • How to deliver your pitch with confidence and authenticity to captivate decision-makers
  • How to monetize your creative skills and turn your passion into a profitable career
  • How to foster meaningful connections that enhance your influence and reach

Meet Your Instructor

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Courtney Harrell

Courtney Harrell is a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter who has penned hits for Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, and many more. Courtney was a semi-finalist on Season 11 of The Voice and now works as a producer for America’s Got Talent. Her work has been featured in several hit films and television shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, Think Like a Man, and Star.


Recommended Materials and Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Basic understanding of the music industry as well as familiarity with the fundamental structure, including roles and key players
  • Some experience or initial ideas about your own brand identity and how you wish to be perceived in the industry
  • Basic storytelling abilities, whether through songwriting, performances, or presentations
  • An active online presence or familiarity with social media platforms, as these will be integral in building and promoting your brand
  • A collection of your work, such as songs, performances, or projects, to use as a foundation for developing your pitch and brand strategy

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How much is a Masterclass?

Masterclassees are Berklee Online’s most budget-friendly offering at $99. There are no registration fees.

Can I reach out to the instructors for extra help or for additional questions?

No, instructors will be available to students during the 2 hour live sessions. In our 12-week courses, instructors are available to answer questions outside of live class sessions.

Will I be able to access my course after it has finished?

You will be able to access the Masterclass for 30 days after the end of the Masterclass. After that 30-day period, we are unable to allow students further access to the Masterclass. If you have any questions, please contact Student Support via email at

What happens if I miss the Masterclass?

Each Masterclass is recorded, so you can always play back any portion you'd like to review up to 30 days after the Masterclass has taken place. We do recommend joining during the scheduled Masterclass time if you can, so that you can interact with your instructor and peers.

Will I receive course credit for a Masterclass?

Masterclasses are a non-credit offering.

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are Berklee faculty and widely-recognized experts in their field. All instructors are Berklee faculty or professionals in the industry.

How long are the Masterclasses?

Each Masterclass will be one, two-hour live session.

Are textbooks, software, and hardware included in tuition costs?

No. The required/recommended materials for Masterclasses are not included in tuition.

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You can choose to enroll in as many Masterclasses as you would like. You should keep in mind that some of the scheduled sessions could overlap. We recommend reviewing the days/times for each Masterclass before enrolling.

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While we will make every effort to run all of our Masterclasses, sometimes it is necessary to cancel a Masterclass. If this happens, you will be sent an email letting you know your Masterclass has been canceled. You will be given the option to transfer into a different Masterclass, move your funds to another Berklee Online program, or request a refund of tuition.

Where do I go to find the Masterclass I enrolled in?

Simply log in to Berklee Online and go to your “My Home” page. Links to the Masterclasses you are enrolled in will be located under the My Courses heading.

How do I participate in the Masterclass?

Masterclasses consist primarily of live, synchronous sessions hosted via Zoom on the Berklee Online platform. These Masterclasses will be interactive and will include instruction, breakout group discussions, question and answer portions, and more. In addition to the live session, you will have access to discussions where you can interact with your peers, as well as the ability to upload projects you’re working on for feedback from your peers.

Who do I contact if I am having technical trouble with the Masterclass?

You may contact Student Support by email at or telephone at 1-866-BERKLEE (or 1-617-747-2146 if outside the US), Monday through Friday, 9 AM–5 PM ET. Student Support will assist you with any problems you have and will do their best to provide a response to your question or inquiry within one business day.

Are there assignments that need to be completed? Will I receive feedback on assignments?

Each Masterclass will include material for students to go through as well as suggested projects for students to complete. These are not required, will not be graded, and will not be critiqued by an instructor. Students are encouraged to provide feedback to their classmates.

Will I receive a grade and/or credit at the conclusion of the Masterclass?

Students enrolled in these Masterclasses will not receive college credit and will not be graded on their participation.

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No, you will not be issued a certificate or letter of completion at the end of the Masterclass.

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Masterclasses are not part of a student’s academic record. For this reason they will not be represented on a transcript. In addition, we cannot provide proof of completion of the Masterclass. We can, however, provide proof of enrollment in the Masterclass if that is needed. Requests of this nature can be emailed to

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