Online Open House Clinic Classic Rock Guitar with Joe Musella and Host Mark Hopkins

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When: Wednesday, August 20 at 4:00pm ET

Length: 30 minutes

Join Berklee Online Senior Academic Advisor Mark Hopkins and online course author and instructor Joe Musella for an in-depth discussion of the guitar techniques employed by classic rock legends like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page. This clinic will focus on tone matching, soloing and improvisation techniques, and using the pentatonic scale.

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About Joe Musella
Joe Musella is a guitarist and music educator active in the Boston music scene. His rock quartet, The Joe Musella Group, performs internationally. Musella's recent collaborations include recording with current Crosby, Stills and Nash drummer Joe Vitale and with their bass player, David Santos. His other guitar work includes playing for theater productions and with the bands Freestyle and The Ginamark Band. As Assistant Professor of Guitar at Berklee Online, he developed and teaches the popular Classic Rock Guitar course. He is also a Berklee alumnus, and studied with Charlie Banacos and Mick Goodrick.

About Mark Hopkins
Mark Hopkins is a Senior Academic Advisor for Berklee Online. He finished his studies at Berklee College of Music as a Guitarist/Songwriting Major in 2009. Mark is a regular gigging musician who has toured extensively and released seven albums in the past ten years. You can hear some of Mark's music at

Topics in this Open House will include:

  • Classic rock guitar legends and their gear
  • The value of the pentatonic scale: How to "get outside the box”
  • Soloing and improvisation techniques
  • How to tone match to fit a song
  • “Light bulb” moments that Joe has incorporated into his Classic Rock Guitar course for Berklee Online