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Mastering The Art of Brushes

by Jon Hazilla
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The art of brush playing has been largely unexplored in drumming technique studies. At Berklee College of Music, Jon Hazilla challenges his students to leave behind the methods and systems they have learned, and approach the limitless and challenging world of brushes. Far from a simple collection of diagramed patterns, this in-depth approach focuses on understanding the concepts behind brush playing before proceeding to the patterns and techniques involved.

By presenting the signature brush strokes of such drumming legends as Buddy Rich, Philly Joe Jones, and Elvin Jones, Hazilla encourages his students to practice and expand their repertoire. Students will learn to develop greater improvisational prowess, and explore and create new, personal patterns.

This landmark study is sure to improve one's appreciation and ability for brush playing. Includes features such as:

  • 10 concepts for good brush playing
  • 32 patterns for ballad, medium- and up-tempo playing
  • Rhythm table exercises for brush dexterity
  • Coordination exercises for time playing
  • Play-along CD with 34 bass grooves tracks

About the Author

Jon Hazilla


" A great addition to any drummer's library. Mastering the Art of Brushes does a great job of explaining and illustrating the skills unique to this kind of playing."

-GIG magazine

"An excellent text that features easy-to-use diagrams, valuable technique exercises, and melodic/coordination studies that will sharpen any drummers' brush abilities. The accompanying CD will help develop the proper sound in the reader's ears and the discography is particularly useful and up-to-date."

- Terry O'Mahoney from Percussive Notes magazine, April 2001 issue)

"Since brushes have the power to humble us, we are all lifelong students. This book successfully combines the history of brush playing with new ideas by a serious student of the instrument."

- Jeff Hamilton

"Jon Hazilla is a great brush player and all serious players need to be fluent with the brushes. Every drummer's brush playing will improve through working on this material"

- John Riley

"Jon Hazilla is a wire brush expert who has brought his concepts to Mastering the Art of Brushes. His ideas lend a new perspective to this important area of drumming."

- Joseph Hunt