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The Self-Promoting Musician: 3rd Edition

by Peter Spellman
available from

Take charge of your music career with proven do-it-yourself strategies.

If you are an independent musician, songwriter, producer, or DJ, this book is for you! The Self-Promoting Musician is your roadmap to everything you need to be successful in the new music business.

Filled with empowering tips and resources for self-managed musicians, you will learn to:

  • Create a goals-driven plan to help you fulfill your musical passions
  • Multiply the power of every gig you play, using 15 proven methods
  • Turbo-charge your social media strategy
  • Get radio airplay, online and offline
  • Protect your creative works
  • Keep your career organized and growing, using the best low-cost practices!

Educator, author, entrepreneur and musician Peter Spellman is director of career development at Berklee College of Music. He is author of several career-building handbooks for musicians and songwriters, and founder of Music Business Solutions (, a training resource for music entrepreneurs. Find him at Music Career Juice (

"Since reading the first edition of this book in 2001, I have been applying Peter's technique. As a true testimony, his book is a part of the solid foundation of success and achievements in my life for the past decade, and more to come."

Juri Ify Love, President/Founder of Genuine Voices

"If you think of yourself as an artist entrepreneur and you want to succeed in today's musical landscape, this is the book for you."

Panos Panay (Founder of Sonicbids)

"This book packs a lot of great information along with some very timely and inspiring insights. One of my favorite lines: 'Ask not where music is sold but where music is used.' Peter gets the Zeitgeist of Music2.0, and delivers the message loud and clear. Read this book!"

Gerd Leonhard, Media Futurist, Co-Author of The Future of Music, Author of Music2.0.

"If you are looking for the facts, combined with out-of-the-box ideas, The Self-Promoting Musician provides it. Peter Spellman is uniquely well versed on the statistics of where the music industry began, where it is today, and where it is going. Combining that with his keen insight on how to market as an independent musician in the new music business paradigm, this book provides all the right ingredients to springboard a successful music career. Well written, hugely educational, no hype, just real facts, and full of the right ideas for the right time."

Gilli Moon, Singer/Songwriter (Warrior Girl Music)

"Spellman's Self-Promoting Musician became a fundamental building block in my own approach to teaching about the modern music business at the college level. No one else is as comprehensive, or authoritative. The real deal keeps changing, as bits and bytes flow through fibre-optic cable at the speed of light. Peter Spellman understands that, and teaches it, which makes him the guru of the real deal."

Rik Emmett, Canadian Hall of Fame singer/songwriter/guitarist for Triumph; faculty member, Humber College, Toronto.