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Metal Bass Lines

by David Marvuglio
available from

Learn the techniques to perform metal bass lines. In this book, you will learn to construct and perform bass lines emblematic of metal. You will analyze bass lines that are characteristic of different types of metal, and learn the technique necessary to perform them. Etudes, practice lines, and exercises are presented in both tablature and traditional notation, starting with simple bass lines and progressing to more advanced topics. Online audio tracks let you hear the lines in context and practice along with the recordings. You will learn to write your own lines that work for the style of metal you want to play.

You will learn to:

  • Use multi-finger plucking technique
  • Create and play galloping bass lines, driving bass lines, and other types of lines
  • Use pedal points and double stops
  • Incorporate articulations such as tapping and slapping techniques into your lines
  • Play odd meters, and rhythmic cycles
  • Alternate tunings that are particularly useful in metal playing

David Marvuglio teaches bass and ensembles at Berklee College of Music, where his Metal Bass Lab has been the inspiration for this book. He has toured with Ice Nine Kills, the Smyrk, and Emily Peal.

“Dave’s book authoritatively covers a broad range of styles in the metal bass genre, from its bluesy beginnings all the way to its most current progressive and extreme varieties. It’s a comprehensive source of information that will benefit any metal bassist.”

Alex Webster, Bassist of Cannibal Corpse

“David Marvuglio is a fine and very versatile bassist with a thorough knowledge of many bass styles. He has written a book about metal bass playing that covers a lot of ground in a very organized way. The tracks sound great, fun to play along with, and he explains the various techniques associated with metal bass playing clearly and comprehensively. I grew up in the 1960s and watched as rock and roll, the British Invasion and the beginnings of what would become Metal music were happening before our eyes. Since that time, this music has evolved mixed with other styles and has come a long way. David Marvuglio understands the evolution of this style and has created a way for anyone who is interested to study this style of bass playing and enjoy themselves while doing so!”

John Patitucci, Legendary Bassist, Composer, and Educator

“Dave's book is an essential overview of the role of the bass player in metal. What it was, how it evolved into what it currently is, and the limitless future of where it’s going. All the techniques, rhythms, and tricks every metal bass player needs in his tool box are covered in this book and should bring a wealth of information to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the style and its rich history. These examples demonstrate the demanding focus and stamina which is required of the bassist in metal, which is one of the most understated misconceptions about the genre.”

Liam Wilson, Bassist of the Dillinger Escape Plan

"I truly enjoyed checking this book out. Comprehensive and challenging, yet hip and engaging. The introduction alone makes it a worthwhile investment—a great resource for bassists of all levels. Well done DMarv!"

Lincoln Goines, Bassist, Author, and Educator

"Dave has been integral in expanding our stylistic palette here in the Berklee Bass Department and has proven that ALL music is worthy of academic approach. His background, expertise, and "stay-current" mindset, coupled with his firm footing in bass history and fundamentals makes Dave the leading authority on how to approach these current styles with soul, groove, and solid pedagogy. "

Steve Bailey, Chair of the Berklee College of Music Bass Department