This post is a quick New Year’s alert to let you know that the long awaited Pedaltrain Volto power supply is now available at your local and on-line stores.  You may have read my post about the amazing Sanyo Pedal Power quite a few posts back. The Volto is a similar product.

The low profile of the Pedaltrain Volto makes it a great choice for mounting directly under your Pedatrain junior or mini or similar sized board. This, of course, means that there is another pedal-space on top of the board. The 3 status LED’s of the Volto have the same function as the green, amber and red light on the Sanyo, giving you an indication of the remaining power. Two outputs allow you to use 2 connectors or daisy chains, and the full-charge shut-off function is a feature that is a must have on rechargeable batteries to avoid overcharging. One very nice feature is that the Volto can be charged using a USB connection which gives you a variety of options for charging from the laptop to the car or home.  The Volto is a very practical product in a very practical package. It is unobtrusive and very easy to use.

I have been using mine on my Pedaltrain Nano with 5 small pedals. I set mine up with the on-off switch and the LED’s showing through the centre of my board, so I can constantly monitor the status. You can see the blue lights of the Volto peeking through from underneath the board on the right hand side.

The one thing I would recommend is a recharge before each gig. Because of its low profile the Volto will make it through the gig, but not 2 or 3 as I usually do with my Sanyo. All the same, you cannot beat it for the practicality it brings to the gig stage!  The Volto and the previously reviewed Sanyo are a couple of the most practical products to come around for the working musician!

Here are a couple of videos, one from Pedaltrain and the other just one of a review that was pretty informative on the setup.