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Go Back to the Basics with Beatport Sounds and Ableton Live Drum Rack

A common question I hear from aspiring music producers is, “How can I use a sample pack to quickly build a beat?”


Hawk's NAMM 2015 Report

Each year, for the past several years, NAMM seems to draw bigger crowds and more manufacturers announcing more amazing toys. This year’s NAMM convention was in keeping with this trend.

Instructor Spotlight: Erin Barra

Introduction to Ableton Live is taught by Berklee songwriting professor and independent musician Erin Barra.

EDM Production Tricks for Your Toolbox

A couple of electronic dance music (EDM) production tricks that can come in handy for all types of beat driven, electronic music styles

Remix Song Structure

Do remixes have a defined song structure? Yes they do, and for good reason. The object of a dance music remix is to get the song that’s been remixed played in the clubs.

Remixing Renaissance

tr.v. re·mixed, re·mix·ing, re·mix·es: To recombine audio tracks from a recording to produce a new or modified audio recording.

Sidechain Compression in Reason: That Pulsing Dance Music Sound

It’s super easy to sidechain compress in Reason. And this is the key to producing that classic, pulsing synth pad sound you hear in dance music.

Nectar, Stutter Edit, and an “Army of Love” Remix

After returning from summer vacation in Hawaii, I needed a little remixing exercise to get me back into a music production mood.

Hip-Hop Drum Beat and Bass Tutorial

I’ve received many requests for tutorials on writing/producing a hip-hop or dance beat. In theory, this is a nice idea.

New Book and Course: Programming and Producing Drum Beats

Sorry for the absence but I’ve been busy rolling out a new book and a new Berklee Online course that I’m very excited to tell you about.