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Amazing Pedal Alert: The Dry Bell Vibe Machine V-1

Every now again I get excited knowing that I might be the one first who brings a great product to your attention.


Cool Pedal Alert: The AMT Japanese Girl Wah – Big Tones, Small Package

Here’s a post to highlight a wah I recently added to my arsenal of tone generators. I love wah pedals! It is a big part of the retro-funky-R&B sound of the songs I write and sing.

The New Allston Tremulator MKII with Matching 112 Mini Cab

This post I would like to share a new product worthy of attention. Many of you have already read my earlier post about the Allston Amp Dumbalina made by Rob Lohr in the basement of Mr. Music

The Klon Centaur guitar pedal.

The Klon Centaur Phenomenon

Thaddeus Hogarth, a guitar instructor and course author at Berklee Online, talks about his own experience with the Klon Centaur guitar pedal, and how its introduction in the ′90s is arguably one of the most significant milestones in the world of overdrive pedals.

Easy Sound Design in Reason

Berklee Online instructor Erik Hawkins shares techniques for easy sound design in Reason and ways to help to develop your voice as a music producer.

Good Vibrations: Moen’s UL-VB Jimi Zero Vibe

Berklee Online guitar instructor Thaddeus Hogarth demonstrates and recommends the Moen UL-VB Jimi Zero Vibe guitar pedal.

Cool Pedal Alert: The EHX Crying Tone Wah

Every now and again we have a product that is released that challenges the status quo.

Proper Home Studio Set Up

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best gear money can buy if your studio isn’t properly set up. I can’t tell you how many home studios I’ve seen with improperly positioned monitors

One Amp or Two? The Lehle Little Dual

This post I will share some experimenting I have been doing with the Little Lehle Dual Switcher. The Little Lehle is made in Germany by Lehle Gitarrentechnik

Clean Boosts With or Without EQ and “Grit”

In this post, we’ll talk about the idea of some kind of boost and moderate EQ to the pure guitar signal. I am interested to hear all of your comments and thoughts on this