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The Newest Allston Amp: AOC mkII

I am always very excited to be one of the first to bring news of a cool product to the general public. As known by many of you who have reached out with questions about my choice of amps


The Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine: B3 in a Box

I love a great story around a pedal. I recently received an Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine by mail. I picked it up at the Berklee mailroom during my lunch break.

Voice Leading for Guitar

In jazz, you will encounter only seven kinds of diatonic seventh chords (from major, melodic minor, or harmonic minor keys). This article will show you how to voice lead smoothly and easily between these chords and their variations.

Student Spotlight: Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell has played on stage with Buddy Guy and Keith Urban. But did you know that the rising country music songstress is also a Berklee Online alum?

EHX 44 Magnum or the 22 Caliber Power Amp Pedals: Must have!

So last Thursday night at the beginning of the set at a local gig, one of the 5581 tubes in my Allston Combo decided to call it quits.

Quick Post: Stage Trix Wah Fastener

If you have ever had difficulty with getting your traditional Cry Baby Wah to stay on a pedalboard securely here is a must have product for you.

Super Cool Pedal Alert: The EHX Soul Food

Every once in a while a pedal comes along that blows your mind because of the unbelievable value. I am a sucker for simplicity in operation and have a “3 knob” preference

Rare Find Pedal: The Guyatone WRm5 Wah Rocker

In my online course at Berklee Online: Funk/Rock R&B Soloing and in my instructional book, Funk R&B Guitar: Creative Solos, Grooves and Sounds, I talk about guitar sounds

Funky Pedal Alert: The 3Leaf Proton Envelope Filter

This post is another quick heads up. I have been using the 3 Leaf Proton Envelope Filter for a couple of months now on my go-to board.

Amazing Pedal Alert: The Dry Bell Vibe Machine V-1

Every now again I get excited knowing that I might be the one first who brings a great product to your attention.