Well, it has been a while and there have been some changes in the Berklee Blog Network. Now with summer in full swing I am finally getting back to posting about cool products and gear that will help you with your goal of achieving great guitar tone.

I wanted to do  quick post about a product which I wrote of previously that was discontinued. Aspen Pittman founder/creator of Groove Tubes created a product called the GT Space Station. I reviewed it in a previous blog entry many moons back: “Groove Tube’s Well-Kept Secrets: Stereo and Soul”  I received many requests for information on where to get one of the units. Unfortunately this product was way ahead of its time and did not quite catch on. It was discontinued after not too long a stint at Guitar Centers around the country. I always wondered why it did not catch on. The Space Station allowed you to play a stereo signal from a single very portable source. Hard to believe? Hearing is truly believing in this case. The speakers in the unit are arranged at 90 degree angles and each delivers a different component of the stereo signal that creates the field in the room without any out-of-phase cancellation. The result is amazing stereo effects everywhere in the room. I recommend the Space Station for any of your stereo guitar effects, especially the rotary or delay patches that create room-swirling sound around you.

Well…The good news is Aspen Pittman has re-released the Space Station under the new patent of Center Point Stereo. This is the 3rd version of the Space Station with much in the way of improvements. I still have my original unit under the Groove Tube brand and I often use mine in conjunction with my tube amp to create a big stereo effect field on stage. Leslie sounds are huge with this little box!

Here is a video of Aspen explaining the unit. He says it all!