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Nano Stern sings “Punta de Lanza,” in this intimate performance from Berklee Online. The song, though as of yet unreleased, is a highlight of his set, dealing with the topic of lost ethnicity in South America.
About Nano Stern:
Singer-songwriter Nano Stern is a Chilean artist riding the crest of the new wave of Chilean Song, with a devoted following that stretches out from Chile, into Latin America, north to Mexico, Canada and the USA, over to Europe and down in Australia. His childhood was colored by not only his own family’s musicianship but by the powerful legacy of the Nueva Canción movement led by Chilean musical activists before Pinochet’s dictatorship a generation before. Legends like Inti‐Illimani and Victor Jara—who suffered exile and even death during these troubling times—continue to inspire Nano’s breadth of sound and emotion.
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