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The New Year is Coming, and So are Four Fantastic New Berklee Online Courses


Berklee Online offers more than 150 music courses, and four course authors are bringing their new classes online. The next term begins on January 9th.

Producing Songwriting Demos with Logic

This course is ideal for the home producer, whether you write your own songs or produce for someone else. The course covers recording, production, MIDI patch creation, synthesis, mixing, and mastering. You won’t just learn the basics of recording songs, you’ll learn how to think outside the box to manipulate the sounds that come with Logic to make them more your own. You will also learn how to record live musicians in a mix that makes the sound very polished and professional. Instructor Chrissy Tignor Fisher, has worked with Alex Clare, Gary Go, Bastille, and Notting Hill Music.


Music Production Fundamentals for Songwriters

This main goal of this course is to show you how to compose, produce, record, and share your original music. If the only thing that you know about DAWs is that it stands for Digital Audio Workstation, then this is a great start for you. Covering Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton, this course will give you a taste of technology, and help you as a songwriter take control of your music. It will allow you to become more involved when working with engineers, producers, and other collaborators, and make music that accurately reflects your ideas and vision, and as a result, you’ll be a heck of a lot more employable! Instructor Erin Barra has worked with Grammy-winning artists, engineers and producers such as John Oates, George Massenburg, Kathy Mattea, and Elliot Scheiner.



Guitar Ensemble Techniques

This course will equip guitar players with the skills and techniques to become better ensemble players. The course goes through the chronological steps of being a better player, starting with warming up techniques and developing a strong chordal vocabulary and moves into improvisation and finding your own, unique sound. You’ll also expand your rhythmic concepts, all the way up to preparing for a gig. Instructor Tim Miller lived in Paris, where he played extensively with drummer Aldo Romano, which led to recordings and European concerts and jazz festivals. Recently, he’s played with Paul Motian, Randy Brecker, Mark Turner, and many others.



Music Business DNA: How Policy Defines Your Income Streams 

Any musician, entrepreneur, or anyone working in the music industry needs to have a working understanding of the laws and policies that shape what happens in the marketplace. This class is designed to show you that, but in a way that is engaging and fun. Practical knowledge on working with people who have different interests and agendas in support of a healthier music ecosystem is a main component of this course. The backbone of all of this is music policy, which gives shape to everything that happens in the music industry. You’ll be able to understand how to create a positive change in the music policy arena. Instructor Casey Rae is Director of Music Licensing at SiriusXM satellite radio, a service with more than 40 million listeners in the US. He’s also a musician, recording engineer, professor, and author.

Nora Tirrell is a Business and Songwriting Major at Berklee College of Music.
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