Here is a quick post about a useful accessory for your vibe pedal (or any pedal with an expression pedal connection, as found on some delay pedals, etc).

Instead of using a standard full-sized expression pedal to change the rate of your vibe pulses, try this one by Nose Pedals. You can toggle back and forth between 2 predetermined parameters, set by you, using the 2 yellow knobs in this model (photo). Set one knob on “slow” and one on “fast” and depending on desired effect for the particular song you can go back and forth between both.

In the case of a vibe pedal like the Dry Bell Vibe Machine, which allows you to choose a “ramp” up setting, when you toggle back and forth between the two settings, your rate will slowly accelerate to the faster speed and vice versa (emulating the leslie doppler effect)

Usually expression pedals come in sizes roughly as big as a wah-wah pedal for active foot operation. With this Nose pedal, for a fraction of the pedalboard space you will have instant control via foot-switch over your two most often used settings.

Though not necessary for expression parameter operation, there is a 9v center negative power input. This is to power the 2 LEDs which indicate which knob setting is activated. In addition, Nose pedals offers choices of TS/TRS and custom colors for knobs and finish.

Below is a video and here is a link to the website for info. There are many other very useful, interesting and practical accessories available from Nose Pedals, too. Check out their online store here.