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Basic Afro DVD Basic Afro-Cuban Rhythms
Learn how to play and practice the classic rhythms of the Afro-Cuban tradition.  

50449639_BegDjembe_75.jpg Beginning Djembe: Essential Tones, Rhythms, and Grooves
Learn to play djembe!  

front cover Berklee Practice Method - Drum Set
Master basic rhythms, beats, and subdivisions that every drummer in a band needs to keep the band rockin'.  

Front cover Beyond The Backbeat From Rock & Funk to Jazz & Latin
Learn how to take any rock drum beat and morph it into jazz and world music feels. Improve your chops, expand your versatility, and develop your own style.  

Brazilian Rhythms Brazilian Rhythms for Drum Set and Percussion
Learn to play the most popular Brazilian rhythms on both traditional percussion instruments and the standard drum set.  

50449549_Creative_Jazz_Israel_75 Creative Jazz Improvisation for Drum Set: Featuring Yoron Israel
Improvise more creatively and develop your personal style of improvisation.  

thumbnail Drum Set Warm-Ups
Step away from the practice pad! Legendary drummer Rod Morgenstein reveals his warm-up method designed to limber up your entire body. Improves speed, power, control, coordination, independence, accuracy, endurance, and agility.  

50449550_ReadingStudiesDrums_75 Drum Studies: Concepts, Reading, Phrasing, and Technique
Develop your drumming technical facility and expressive depth.  

50448048_8Essentials_75 Eight Essentials of Drumming: Grooves, Fundamentals, and Musicianship
Become a well-rounded drummer with sound technique, solid time, and expressive musicianship by mastering these eight essentials:  

thumbnail Instant Drum Set
Whether you are learning to play the drum set as your first instrument or adding drums to your line-up, this Berklee method is the fastest way to learn the drums. It will set you well on your way to becoming a highly skilled player.  

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