Exclusive Deals for Berklee Online Students

When you enroll with Berklee Online, you join a community of over 30,000 musicians from more than 140 countries who study at the world's largest—and recognized best—online music school. You also get exclusive access to student-only deals from our partners in the music industry.


Educational Discounts on Steinberg Software and Hardware

Students and alumni can receive educational discounts on Steinberg's top products including Cubase Pro and the UR44 audio interface.

Click here to view their educational discounts.

Save Over 50% on Soundtoys Plug-ins

Click here to visit the Soundtoys educational discount page.

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Soundtoys Academic Bundle contains the full version of Soundtoys 5. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Effect Rack
  • EchoBoy
  • PrimalTap (+ Little PrimalTap)
  • Decapitator
  • Little AlterBoy
  • FilterFreak
  • MicroShift (+ Little MicroShift)
  • Crystallizer
  • PanMan
  • Devil-Loc  Deluxe (+ Devil-Loc)
  • PhaseMistress
  • Radiator (+ Little Radiator)
  • Tremolator

For full product details, visit the Soundtoys 5 page.

For current students only.  Soundtoys requires either a screenshot of your course schedule for the current semester or a signed and dated letter from the registrar.

Educational Discounts on McDSP Software

Save 50% off all McDSP audio plug-ins

McDSP is offering all Berklee Online students a 50 percent educational discount off its renowned audio software individual plug-ins and bundles. To redeem this offer, download the student order form here and follow the instructions. (iLok required)

Educational Discounts on FXpansion software

Save 30% off selected FXpansion plug-ins

FXpansion is offering all Berklee Online students an exclusive 30 percent discount off selected audio software plug-ins, including BFD3, Bloom, Maul, Etch and more. To redeem this offer, go to https://fxpansion.com/berklee2016.

Save up to 50% on Hollywood Edge Libraries

The Hollywood Edge prides itself on providing high end, professional, and royalty free special effects and music for all media use.

Berklee Online and Sound Ideas have come together to offer dealer pricing to all current students on their entire selection. Please click here to view the full list of libraries and their dealer prices.

To access the deal, please contact Sound Ideas at elliott@sound-ideas.com with a copy of your course receipt and state that you are a Berklee Online student along with the libraries that you wish to purchase. They will then set up your order for you and reply with details.

* Degree students can access their tuition receipts by logging into their my.berklee.edu account and clicking on the View Account and Make Payments link.

Save 25% on ProjectSAM Libraries

ProjectSAM Cinematic Sampling is pleased to support Berklee Online students and teachers with a special discount of 25% off list price. The discount is available directly through the ProjectSAM web store and is only available for full, single product licenses. The discount cannot be used to purchase upgrades or bundles and cannot be combined with any other promotion. To get your Berklee Online Course discount:

ProjectSAM will then respond to you with a personalized discount code for your product(s).

Educational Discounts on Finale Notation Software

Finale 25–the world standard for music notation software–offers you the flexibility, freedom, and power to create any music you can imagine. Compose, arrange, notate, and print engraver-quality sheet music.

New to Finale? Non-degree students can get the Berklee Online-exclusive academic pricing at $199 (regularly $350), and degree students can get the college pricing at $99. 

Non-degree students: visit the Finale online store here and click on Add To Cart next to the Academic/Theological option. Click on Am I Eligible for Academic Pricing?, select the Student at a School, College or University,  type in Berklee for the school, and click on Apply Discount. Select the Download Only option (you can also add the physical Media Kit instead) and then enter the promo code BERKMA-STU18 at checkout.

Degree students: visit the Finale online store here and click on Verify next to the University/College Student option. After providing your information, you will be prompted to submit proof of eligibility, such as a scan of your student ID card.

Save 20% on Noteflight Premium Subscriptions

Noteflight is an online music writing application that lets you create, view, print and hear professional quality music notation right in your web browser. Write music on your computer, tablet or smartphone, share with other users, or embed in your own pages.

Noteflight is extending a special offer to the Berklee Online community: 20% off the first year of a premium Noteflight Subscription. Click here to learn more: https://www.noteflight.com/promotion/berklee-promo

Save 30% on Notion Music Notation and Playback Software

PreSonus is supporting Berklee Online students with this offer to purchase Notion music notation and playback software with a 30% discount.

To take advantage of this deal, please complete and submit this form.

Save 50% at Realdrumsamples.com

RealDrumSamples is a provider of premium quality drum samples. Their user list includes many Grammy winning Hip Hop producers & engineers, EDM icons and Oscar-winning sound designers. Not convinced? Try out their free drum package.


Berklee students can save now on 2 exclusive premium packages.




Save 35% on Future Music Magazines

Exclusive to Berklee Online students, Future is offering a 6 month subscription to your favourite music magazines with a 35% discount - regardless of where you live. Subscribe today to Computer Music, Future Music, Guitar Techniques, Guitarist, Total Guitar, and Rhythm for as little £23.49 every 6 months.

Click here to access this discount.


Save 27% on Selected Nektar Technology Controllers

Nektar and Berklee have come together to offer Berklee online students an exclusive discount on Nektar Technology controllers with its spectacular deep DAW integration. Visit the webstore here and enter the code nektar/berklee to receive your discount. (U.S. only students at this time. For inquiries related to shipping to other countries, please email sales@nektartech.com.)

Educational Discounts on Focusrite and Novation Products

Berklee Online has partnered with Focusrite and Novation to offer a 25% off educational discounts to our online students. These two companies make some of the best audio interfaces and MIDI keyboards on the market today!

DEGREE STUDENTS: Go to this page and use your @berklee.edu email address. 

NON-DEGREE STUDENTS: Please send an email to fniedu@focusrite.com with a copy of your course receipt. Focusrite will then send you further instructions on how to access this deal. 

*Please note that Focusrite and Novation can only ship to currently enrolled students located in the US at this time.

Save 20% on the Soundbrenner Pulse

Unleash your music potential with the modern metronome - smart, wearable, and powered by vibrations. Feel the beat!

Get 20% off your entire order at www.soundbrenner.com with code BERKLEE20 

20% Off Any IK Multimedia Product

Visit IK Multimedia's Berklee Online store to take advantage of this discount.

Coupon code: BERKLEEIK

Save on SubPac Audio Systems

Accurate, immersive, and portable - SubPac's line of revolutionary tactile audio systems have quickly become essential tools for music production and enjoyment from the top studios in LA and London, to basement apartments and bedrooms worldwide. Not just for musicians and producers, the SubPac adds real depth, connection and enjoyment to whatever you play through it - when experienced with the SubPac your tracks, games and movies all come to life with the added dimension of physical bass. Imagine standing in front of a beautifully tuned club system and feeling the bass – this is the experience the SubPac delivers, all without any external noise.

Save $30 on a SubPac system by browsing their store here and entering the following coupon code:


Save 25% on Livid Products

Current and former students can enjoy a 25% discount on any Livid controller or DIY builder parts. From the DS1s comprehensive controls, to the innovative wireless Guitar Wing to the interactive possibility with the Base II, or the fully customizable DIY Builder, you can get a great deal on Livid's high-quality products. With sophisticated support for popular environments like Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, FL Studio, Bitwig Studio, and NI Traktor, you can put the world of digital audio at your fingertips. Learn more about their products at the Livid website and buy with the BERKLEEONLINE coupon code at the Livid online store.

* Students and alumni outside the US can contact http://lividinstruments.com/help_desk/ for options in their country.

Musician Services

Save 30% on Your Next CD Baby Submission!

Revolutionary indie-music distributor CD Baby has paid out over $300,000,000 to artists just like you. Now they are offering Berklee Online students 30% off standard album submissions. You could have your album selling on iTunes today! Plus, get your music in all the key digital music services around the world, including Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, Google Play and more. Over 60 retail sites in all!

Get started at members.cdbaby.com and use coupon code BERKLEE30 when you check out.

FREE 3-month Pro Level membership from Music Gateway

Find talent, find session work and collaborate worldwide at global music platform Music Gateway. Take advantage of this FREE 3-month membership offer exclusive to Berklee Online students. Gain access to a variety of projects that require your skills and create your own projects for free!

Learn how it works here!

To redeem this offer, go to www.musicgateway.net and register an account. Next, email accounts@musicgateway.net with both your new Music Gateway username and your Berklee Online order confirmation number, and we will activate your Pro Level membership.

Exclusive Discount with Music2Deal

Global music networking platform Music2Deal is offering all Berklee Online students a FREE 1-year Premium Membership. Connect and deal with professionals around the world, whether you're after licensing, finding new artists or songs, music producers, promoters, music publishers, agents and much more.

Register now on www.music2deal.com and enter the code "Berklee Online helps" in the proof field.

Sign Up for a Free Account with ToneDen

Berklee Online has partnered with ToneDen, a service that allows up and coming musicians to easily create their own personal websites that double as a hub for their social media profiles and a place to check their social media stats. Berklee students and alumni can get their free account by signing up at https://www.toneden.io and messaging the http://www.facebook.com/toneden.io with their ToneDen URL [e.g.artist.toneden.io] and the phrase "Berklee".

Free 6-month Premium Membership on Nimbit

Nimbit is a great direct-to-fan service to sell and promote your music. But even more importantly, it is a powerful fan management tool that gives you the ability to mange and understand your fans like never before. With Nimbit you have the ability to organize fan data that allows you to send targeted emails that are positioned at that specific fan, in that exact region, directly from Nimbit. And, there are tons of additional features like fan check.in, product bundles and promotions, selling tickets, merchandise, and high-definition audio files (comings late Oct 2014). Try out Nimbit's Premium service for 6 month free. Simply go to www.nimbit.com and begin setting up your profile instantly. Then when you're ready, update to the Premium service using this code: berkpresixmo