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00124984_GAGNE BELTING_75 Belting: A Guide to Healthy, Powerful Singing
Learn techniques for powerful singing—without injuring your voice.  

00124984_GAGNE BELTING 200 Belting: A Guide to Healthy, Powerful Singing

Singers Handbook Berklee In the Pocket: Singer's Handbook
A total vocal workout in one hour!  

50449595_ContemporarySinger2nd_75 The Contemporary Singer (2nd Edition): Elements of Vocal Technique
Maximize your vocal potential with this outstanding guide.  

Ultimate Practice Guide The Ultimate Practice Guide for Vocalists
Learn how to use your whole body to sing with more power, stamina and passion.  

TipsSingers_75 Tips for Singers: Performing, Auditioning, and Rehearsing
Strategies for a Successful Singing Career  

50449599_Stolloff_VoiceImprov_72.jpg Vocal Improvisation: An Instru-Vocal Approach for Soloists, Groups, and Choirs
Learn to improvise in jazz, pop, rock, gospel, and r&b, in this user-friendly guide to vocal improvisation.  

Vocal Technique  Vocal Technique: Developing Your Voice for Performance
Enhance your singing career by learning proper vocal techniques to help prevent injuries and maximize your potential.  

thumbnail Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer
Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer provides singers of today's music with complete exercise circuits to match all voice types and levels—whether you're new to singing or an experienced professional.  

50449619_YourSingingVoice_75.jpg Your Singing Voice: Contemporary Techniques, Expression, and Spirit
Connect to your authentic singing voice with this holistic guide to a healthy and expressive singing life.