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Bass Performance 101
Bass Performance 101
Study the music of famous electric and acoustic bass players, and learn to create and perform your own unique bass lines in a variety of different styles.

Rock Bass
Rock Bass
Gain the foundation, technique, and vocabulary necessary to construct and improvise bass lines in a variety of rock and blues-based music styles.

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Berklee Practice Method - Bass

by Rich Appleman, John Repucci
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The first-ever method that teaches you how to play in a rock band. Improve your improvisation, timing, technique, and reading ability, and master your role in the groove. Become the great bass player that everyone wants to have in their band.

Lessons throughout this book guide you through playing basic grooves, walking bass lines, and other standard bass techniques. Daily practice routines are designed for practicing by yourself or with other musicians. Developed by the faculty of Berklee College of Music, the accompanying CD features outstanding Berklee players and covers a variety of styles including rock, funk, jazz, blues, swing, and bossa nova.

Topics include:

  • learning by ear
  • theory and technique
  • rhythmic interpretation
  • improvisation
  • comping
  • reading
  • song form
  • interpreting lead sheets

This series coordinates methods for many different instruments, and all are based on the same tunes, in the same keys. If you know a guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, vocalist, horn player, etc., have them pick up the Berklee Practice Method for their own instrument, and jam together!


"Launch your playing to the next level is by performing real tunes with seasoned musicians. This book/CD combo provides that kind of experience for aspiring bassists, along with a treasury of music-theory knowledge and practical insights."

- Richard Johnston, Editor, Bass Player magazine

"By far the most informative book I've ever seen. Great for bassists of beginner or advanced stages. From tuning and holding the bass, to transposing and improvising bass lines, it covers everything. The way that the different bass styles are thoroughly broken down along with different practice tips is fantastic."

- Christian McBride

"An effective way for you to read charts and play along with other musicians in a real-time playing environment. The book will keep your nose in the music and the CD will keep your ears open to the goings-on of the other musicians who are playing. Have fun, practice regularly, and enjoy this fine book."

- Jeff Berlin

"True to the tradition of Berklee College of Music to thoroughly train students to be professional musicians, this method is a great workout. An excellent practice book covering many styles, which will help you learn the necessities of working in the rhythm section creatively."

- Carol Kaye, Bass recording legend, Pioneer in authoring tutors for the electric bass, Educator at the Henry Mancini Institute-UCLA

"The Practice Method rules! It's a great way to learn riffs, latch onto some basic song structures, and see how tunes are put together. This lets you focus on playing in a band, and on creating your own interpretations in any style."

- Joe Stump, Shred Guitar Master, Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music

"Teachers are invaluable, practicing by yourself is critical, but performing in a band is the most valuable experience of all. That's what is so special about this series: it gives you the theory you need, but also prepares you to play in a band. This series will help you master the skills you need to become a creative, expressive, and supportive musician that anyone would want to have in their band."

- Gary Burton, Executive Vice President, Berklee College of Music

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