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Desktop Music Production for PC
Desktop Music Production for PC
Master the tools and techniques for producing great-sounding music at home…and create high quality recordings ready for CD or MP3!

MIDI Sequencing Intermediate
MIDI Sequencing Intermediate
Learn to create musical-sounding MIDI arrangements by producing in two divergent styles: electronic dance music and blues.

Producing Music with SONAR
Producing Music with SONAR
Complete all aspects of a multi-track recording using MIDI, audio, loops and plugin effects using Cakewalk’s SONAR Producer Edition.

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Recording In The Digital World

by Thomas Rudolph, Vincent Leonard
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Build the perfect digital studio, no matter what your budget. Creating professional-quality digital recordings does not require buying the most expensive equipment. It does require buying the right equipment and knowing how to use it effectively. Recording in the Digital World provides professional advice and recommendations on studio gear, software, and the latest technologies.

Learn to create, edit, and master digital recordings like a pro with the practical tips and extensive suggestions featured in this guide. Experienced recording engineers share their invaluable expertise on microphone, mixing, and mastering techniques that can be applied in any studio, along with in-depth technical specifications.

A complete overview of all digital recording options, including:

  • A guide to what to buy and how to use it
  • Practical advice for developing digital studios at three different price levels, with budgets from $1,000 to $30,000
  • Simple-language explanations of digital-world terminology and concepts
  • Descriptions and estimated costs for the elements of today's studios, including instruments, microphones, mixers, recording media, computers, software, and more
  • Objective information and experts' professional preferences on gear and recording techniques

This is the most comprehensive guide available for professional musicians, music educators, and music hobbyists who want to explore the world of digital recording. The wealth of information provided will help you select the appropriate equipment and software for your studio and assist you in making the best possible digital recordings.

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"A comprehensive and focused text for an ever-evolving field. Vince and Tom insightfully present fundamental principles and the latest technologies with appropriate historic context. Their text is frequently punctuated with extremely useful nuts-and-bolts details from types of connections to ranges of cost for gear. This guide will help you save time and money when building or upgrading your own project studios."

- Jim Gallagher, Academic Director of Multi Media & Web Design, Art Institute of Philadelphia, Audio Engineer, Producer, Songwriter

"A thorough look into the practices and techniques of recording using digital technology. Sharply written, it maintains a balanced perspective between technical expertise and a grounded explanation of complicated concepts, with a little humor thrown into the mix."

- Joe Kraus, Mastering Engineer, Masterwork Recording, Philadelphia, PA

"The most comprehensive resource available on digital recording. Takes you through its theory and practice with an easy-to-understand approach that is at once informative and enjoyable to read. Loaded with real-world examples and backed with solid foundations, this book provides a true learning experience. If there is something you've always wanted to know about digital recording, you'll find it here!"

- David Mash, Vice President for Information Technology, Berklee College of Music