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Berklee Practice Method Teacher's Guide

by Jonathan Feist, Matt Marvuglio
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Add rock bands and small jazz combos to your school music program! This method will show you how to develop a music program that broadens the appeal and possibilities of traditional music education.

The Berklee Practice Method is available for music students of more than ten different instruments. The Berklee Practice Method Teacher's Guide helps you bring them all together. Whether you are a school music teacher, the music director at a house of worship, or the leader of a band, The Berklee Practice Method series of books will provide you with a practical and productive way to develop your band's skills. These thoughtful and provocative lessons will help you to improve your band's overall sound, timing, cohesion, and sense of groove.

Teach your students the material that the Berklee College of Music faculty wish their students could master before arriving on our doorstep. It is a uniquely well-rounded approach to learning and practicing music, including ear training, improvisation, and timing exercises, in addition to topics of theory and instrumental technique. Field-tested on thousands of students, at Berklee and beyond, these teaching techniques are proven to be uniquely effective in helping musicians come together as a band.

Topics are prioritized differently in different volumes of the BPM series. With the BPM Teacher's Guide, you will be able to see materials related to each instrument for each chapter. Your drum student might have an interest in chords and inversions; while the drum volume of this series does not discuss these topics, the keyboard and vibraphone volumes do. This teacher's guide can then serve to help present supplementary materials as needed.

The BPM Teacher's Guide serves as an index and overview to all the specific instrument volumes in the series. Inside you'll find:

  • Tips for teaching bands
  • Discussions about how to guide musicians for each instrument for each song
  • Lists and descriptions of topics covered by books in the series
  • Extensive supplementary information
  • A complete score for each tune, including the complete parts for all instruments
  • Daily Practice Routines to help students practice more challenging material

The included CD contains sampling of tracks from all the different instrument volumes, giving you and your students the chance to hear a variety of sounds and possibilities.

About the Authors

Matt Marvuglio is the Dean of Performance at Berklee College of Music. He is the curriculum editor and composer for the Berklee Practice Method series and host of the Berklee Workshop DVD series. A flutist and composer, Matt has performed throughout the United States, Europe and Japan.

Jonathan Feist is the Managing Editor of Berklee Press. He has edited over eighty books and online courses, including the Berklee Practice Method and Instant series. Jonathan is co-author of Essential Songwriter. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree from New England Conservatory, and teaches online courses in music at

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