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Saxophone Sound Effects: Circular Breathing, Multiphonics, Altissimo Register Playing and Much More!

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Add unique saxophone sounds to your palette of colors. The saxophone is capable of a great range of sounds, from growls and laughs to multiphonics and percussion effects. This book shows you how to do nineteen different inventive effects, with etudes that put them in a musical context. The accompanying CD provides play-along tracks for the etudes and examples of each sound effect in isolation.

You will learn to:

  • Play multiphonics, quartertones, and in the altissimo register
  • Perform essential advanced saxophone techniques such as circular breathing, flutter-, double- and triple-tonguing
  • Master false fingerings, complex trills, ghost notes, and different types of vibrato
  • Use percussive techniques, such as clicking, clapping, and damping
  • Produce growls, low "A"s, as well as laughing and blowing sounds
  • Explore sounds unique to isolating the mouthpiece, neck, and how to create hybrid instruments such as the "flunette" and the "flax"
  • Mic these techniques effectively, picking up minimal extraneous noise

"Presented with a sense of humor and wit, this is a wonderful compendium of available colors and extra-musical sound effects on the saxophone."

Dave Liebman

"Uell Dorig has compiled a comprehensive book on the multitude of sounds available from a saxophone, sounds that will expand your expressive palate. Congrats on a great book!"

Bob Mitzner

"It's so nice to explore a book that deals with an expanded approach of expression beyond just the notes we focus on. Our personal relationships with our instruments is what fuels our ideas as improvisers. Developing a personal sound on the saxophone requires a deep study into all of the possibilities the instrument and our imaginations will take us. This book, Saxophone Sound Effects, will set you on your way."

Joe Lovano