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Guitar Chords 101
Guitar Chords 101
Gain a greater feel for your instrument by learning Berklee's approach to the construction of chords and chord voicings in this 6-week online course.

Jazz Guitar
Jazz Guitar 101
Study the styles of some of the most influential jazz guitarists, and learn the basics behind the jazz language: chord/scale usage, building melodic tension, and improvisation techniques.

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Jazz Guitar Techniques: Modal Voicings

by Rick Peckham
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Jazz Guitar: Modal

Bring new colors and voicings to your playing with Berklee Professor Rick Peckham, internationally known jazz guitarist, composer, writer, and clinician. In this Berklee Workshop, Peckham unlocks the mysteries of modal tonality, with a series of exercises and demonstrations that will expand your vocabulary, no matter what instrument you play. Peckham will show you how to extend your capabilities by integrating a variety of new voicings and articulations into your playing … so you can handle any modal situation guided by your own ears and instincts.

Running time: 57 minutes

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About Rick Peckham

Rick Peckham is an internationally known jazz guitarist, composer, writer and clinician. He has performed with George Garzone, Jerry Bergonzi, Mike Gibbs and Tim Berne, and recorded the album Stray Dog as a member of the highly original jazz ensemble Um, led by trombonist Hal Crook and featuring organist John Medeski. Assistant chair of the guitar department, Peckham has been a Berklee faculty member since 1986, and was integral to the development of Berklee's ear training and musicianship curricula. He is also a prolific and accomplished writer, and a frequent contributor to DownBeat and other music magazines.


"Being conversant with the modes is invaluable in both lead playing and chord work. For a crash course on the latter, check out this DVD and put a modern spin on your harmonies."

- Guitar One magazine

"I have played guitar off and on for 35 years but I have never mastered the fretboard. I am self taught like most kids were and never had lessons. From time to time I will buy books but you can only go so far without live interactive instruction. DVD is the answer! A $20 DVD is worth 10 $40/hr lessons."

-Kenneth D. Celli, musician, lawyer

About Berklee Workshop DVDs

Berklee Workshop DVDs is a series of Instructional DVDs featuring top Berklee teachers, alumni and visiting artists. These 30- to 90-minute sessions focus on a single professional music topic from one of the five learning streams that flow through the Berkleemusic experience: Production, Music Business, Writing, Education and Performance.

Berklee Workshop DVDs are a great way to keep growing, stay creative, and build your career through exposure to the engergy and expertise of successful professionals. Based on interviews, lessons and performances, these sessions let you see and hear how the best musicians set themselves apart.

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