Celebrity Online Scholarship Program

Berklee has partnered with a growing list of celebrities to reward and assist our most promising online students with achieving their dream of a life in music. These celebrities all support music education through their work, and Berklee is proud to be associated with them.

The student recipients of each Celebrity Online Scholarship will receive an award of $1,400 to be used towards online course tuition.

A total of 16 scholarships will be awarded to Berkleemusic online students per term.

Eligibility Requirements

You must be an online student

Check Your Eligibility

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Successfully complete the first course
Be enrolled in a Certificate Program
Be recommended by one of your instructors
Apply by the end of week 5 in any given term
Have no prior Berkleemusic Celebrity Online Scholarship awards
Earn a GPA of 3.7 or higher

Important Scholarship FAQs

  • When can I apply?

    Eligible certificate program students can apply for the scholarship during weeks 1 - 5 of a given term.

  • When do faculty make their nominations?

    Berkleemusic faculty nominates eligible students from within the class list during weeks 6 - 7 of a given term.

  • When are the winners announced?

    Winners are announced during week 9 of a given term via a My Home message.

  • How do I know my GPA?

    You can find your GPA by clicking on the "My Academic Record" link from your Berkleemusic My Home page.

  • How and where do I apply?

    If you are qualified, the "Apply" button will appear above in the "Eligibility Summary." Be sure to email your instructor for a recommendation, and if you have any questions: advisors@online.berklee.edu, or by phone at 1.866.BERKLEE (U.S) / 1.617.747.2146.

  • Can I apply for scholarships as an entering student (never taken classes before)?

    No. In order to be eligible for a Berkleemusic Celebrity Online Scholarship, you must have successfully completed at least one course in a Berkleemusic Certificate Program.

  • How do I contact my current instructor?

    You can send an email or a private message from within the communication tools in your current online course(s).

  • If I paid in full for my program, what happens to my scholarship?

    You can use the scholarship towards tuition for a course outside of your program.

  • How can I contact past instructors?

    Instructor contact information is provided on the class list of your past course(s).

  • Can I apply for the scholarship more than once?

    Yes. Eligible students who have not already been awarded a Berkleemusic Celebrity Online Scholarship can apply more than once.

  • If I win, how will I find out? Can I apply to win a scholarship again?

    We will notify the students who are awarded these scholarships before the end of the current term. You will be notified by email if you are awarded the scholarship. One win per online student is the limit.

  • If I receive a scholarship, do I have to use the funds the following term?

    The scholarship does not expire, so you can use it towards any future term.

  • Is the scholarship only applied to one term?

    The scholarship can either be applied to one term or, if a credit balance remains, it can be applied to additional terms.

  • How do I know if I was nominated by my instructor? Do I have to ask them, or will I receive a notification?

    You will not be notified as to whether or not you were nominated by your instructor.