Music Production

Become a Better Producer with Berklee

Learn Berklee's renowned mixing, mastering, and music production techniques using Pro Tools, Reason, Ableton Live, Cubase, SONAR, Logic, and more.

Producing Music with Ableton Live

Remix and produce in any number of contemporary styles, including drum and bass, R&B, breakbeat/trance and house music using Ableton's Live audio and MIDI sequencing software, a sequencer you can play like an instrument.

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Composing and Producing Electronic Music 1

Learn the necessary tools and techniques to create contemporary electronic music in a variety of styles, including drum and bass, trance, glitch, dub, electro, minimal, downtempo, house, and techno. If you are musician interested in adding an electronic flavor to your production, or an electronic producer interested in moving your pieces to the next level, this course is for you!

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Desktop Music Production for Mac

Master the tools and techniques for producing great-sounding music at home...and create high quality recordings ready for CD or MP3!

Desktop Music Production for PC

Master the tools and techniques for producing great-sounding music at home...and create high quality recordings ready for CD or MP3!

Music Production Analysis

Develop the skills to listen to music like a seasoned music producer. Learn to identify the elements of effective records, and gain the skills to bring these elements to your own productions.

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Pro Tools 101

Pro Tools 101 constitutes the first stage of Avid's Pro Tools certification program. Learn the foundational skills needed to understand Pro Tools technology and software. This course instructs you on recording, editing, and mixing on a basic level, and will get on the road to becoming a Pro Tools operator from home.

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Pro Tools 110

This second stage of Avid's Pro Tools certification program teaches a broad range of tools and Berklee production techniques that will help you tackle more complex Pro Tools projects and enhance your capabilities in all aspects of Pro Tools production.

Mixing and Mastering with Pro Tools

Gain a greater understanding of two key elements of music production by learning the Berklee approach to mixing and mastering using the Pro Tools software.

Advanced Mixing and Mastering with Pro Tools

This advanced music production course provides students with a deep understanding of mixing and mastering tools and techniques that can be applied to a wide variety of styles.

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Producing with Pro Tools

Whether you are a seasoned Pro Tools user or new to the home studio, our 12-week course will guide you through everything you need to know to create great-sounding home recordings using Avid's Pro Tools software. Learn Berklee's renowned production techniques from set-up to mix down, and get a chance to talk gear, studio configurations, philosophies of production, and even speaker placement.

Advanced Music Production with Pro Tools

Learn to play the new virtual instruments and effects found in Pro Tools and beyond, and improve your overall musical productions, whether for TV, film, commercials, Web sites, video games, or the productions of artists you may be working with.

Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live

Based on feedback from Ableton Live users, this advanced course offers a forward-thinking approach to recording, editing mixing and mastering using Ableton Live.

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Producing Music with Reason

Gain a firm understanding of the functionalities and capabilities of Reason software. Explore Reason's rack of virtual instruments, effects, mixers, built-in sequencer and patching system, and learn real-world production setups and techniques used by today's top producers.

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Producing Music with Logic

Strengthen your technical understanding of Logic Pro and heighten your overall creative abilities in music production in this 12-week course. Harness the power of Logic's extensive software instruments, and learn to record, edit, and mix your project like a pro.

Producing Music with SONAR

Complete all aspects of a multi-track recording using MIDI, audio, loops and plugin effects using Cakewalk's SONAR Producer Edition.

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Producing Music with Cubase

Gain a broad skill set and a fully realized background in music production using the state-of-the-art Cubase 7 software.

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Critical Listening 1

Create compelling, professional-sounding songs by learning to identify the production elements that contribute to a well balanced, artful and professional-sounding mix.

Advanced Audio Ear Training for Mix Engineers

Expand your production skills and take your critical listening to the next level by learning to identify and implement mix strategies, compression and panning techniques, and a wide array of professional mix approaches across multiple genres of music.

Audio Mastering Techniques

Audio mastering is the final, critical, step in the post-production process. Gain a thorough understanding of what is involved in creating a final master recording ready for duplication, replication, or online distribution.

Recording and Producing in the Home Studio

Take your demos through the entire music production process, and learn to apply a number of concepts and techniques that will dramatically improve the sound of your recordings, mixes, and masters no matter what recording device you are using.

Hip-Hop Writing and Production

Learn the techniques that hip-hop producers use to create hit songs. Learn writing and production considerations unique to hip-hop, how to analyze and recreate different styles of hip-hop, and how to use this foundation to produce your own songs using Propellerhead's Reason software.

Sound Design for the Electronic Musician

Learn to create your own electronic sounds and musical productions using Propellerheads' Reason and Native Instruments' Absynth.

Sampling and Audio Production

Explore the art of sampling and audio production, and learn Berklee's approach to recording, editing, and programming using the software samplers provided in Reason.

Game Design Principles

This course provides an overview of video game design, exploring the iterative process of coming up with ideas, prototyping, testing, and revising that is at the heart of the video game industry. You will analyze games and examine the principles of game design from a visual studies perspective.

Introduction to Game Audio

Gain a solid foundation of sound production and engineering skills that will prepare you to work at a game development company or as a freelance game audio professional.

Game Audio Production with Wwise

This course is designed for the musician who wants to compose music, unique sound, and creature voices for video games. Focusing on both the creative process of designing unique audio and the practical challenges of putting that content into a game, Game Audio Production in Wwise prepares students for all major aspects of game audio production and implementation.


Remix production has become a mission critical skill for many working producers and hip-hop and EDM (electronic dance music) artists. Business savvy music industry entrepreneurs recognize that remixing songs is a great way to generate income, publicity, attract new fans, and keep their catalog relevant. Remixing is also a whole lot of fun and gives you the opportunity to join a thriving online community of remixers who share their music on the Web (such as through and enter remix competitions with substantial prizes (such as

Art of Mixing

Explore the many creative and technical considerations necessary to mix in today's music production environment. Acquire the core skill set needed to mix multi-track master recordings to a stereo final mix-down suitable for release.

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Live Sound: Mixing and Recording

Learn to construct a dynamic, high-quality mix for live sound. Identify proper microphone technique, equalization, effects, and dynamics processing to build professional sounding instrument sounds and vocals.

Orchestration 1

Learn to write and apply traditional orchestration techniques to both sampled performances and live orchestral performances.

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Orchestration 2: Writing Techniques for Full Orchestra

Learn advanced orchestration strategies and approaches to writing for full orchestra, including both a live orchestra and sampled MIDI mockups.

Programming and Producing Drum Beats

Learn to compose and produce polished, professional-sounding drumbeats in a variety of different styles.

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Getting Your Guitar Sound

Learn to use your ears, hands, and the tools of the trade to play jazz, rock, blues, country and other genres, with a hi-quality, authentic and persuasive guitar tone.


Become a better recording and live sound engineer, and improve your editing and mixing environment by learning the ins and outs of acoustics.

Film Scoring 101

Create original music to accompany a visual medium by learning fundamental to more advanced film scoring techniques.

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Audio Post Production for Film and TV

Become a more marketable and in-demand producer by mastering the tools and techniques necessary to complete a full audio post production project, including sound design, foley, dialogue, and music for a short film.

Microphone Techniques

Effective microphone techniques resulted in some of the most iconic music ever committed to tape. Consider Phil Spector's signature "Wall of Sound," which relied heavily on appropriate microphone techniques, or Led Zeppelin's iconic recording of John Bonham's drums on "When the Levee Breaks," recorded with a stereo microphone on the second floor stairway at Headley Grange Studio. Whether your sessions feature a single vocalist or rapper, metal trio, or large big-band jazz ensemble, the ability to get good sounds is essential to producing competitive results.

Creative Music Production Skills

Gain insight into both the art and the profession of music production. Develop the necessary skills for producing music according to professional standards, and learn both the technical and interpersonal approaches to creating a successful recording.

Vocal Production

This course guides you through the essential concepts and methods to master the craft of vocal production. You will learn the technical aspects of working with the vocal and the personal, artistic aspects of working with a vocalist to achieve the best performance - skills that can be applied to many roles from engineer to producer to artist.

Audio Basics for Recording

Learn how to properly set up, operate, and manage a recording studio or live sound reinforcement installations of any size, integrating both analog and digital elements and interconnects.

Composing and Producing Electronic Music 2

Learn to create contemporary electronic music in a variety of styles, including techno, trip hop, glitch, and dubstep. Gain a deep understanding of many aspects of contemporary electronic music, including beats, harmony, bass lines, groove, melodies, synthesis, audio/MIDI editing, effects processing, sound design, performance, and mixing.

Music Notation Using Finale

Create great-looking music quickly and easily with the powerful Finale music notation software, and learn techniques to maximize speed, control, and accuracy.

Music Video Editing with Final Cut Pro

Learn all the steps and tools necessary to create a high-quality audiovisual experience, including how to assemble, enhance, and maximize the use of video, audio, and graphic content.

Music Notation Using Sibelius

Learn to create lead sheets, choral and instrumental scores, drum maps and guitar notation, and explore many other ways to use Sibelius for your own personal and professional needs.

3D Design with Blender

3D Design with Blender is an introduction to the world of cinematic visual effects designed for musicians who want to add interesting visual, non-existent elements or environments to self-made videos.

Introduction to Digital Cinematography

Learn effective techniques for producing any kind of video, including a music video or short film.

Performing with Ableton Live

Learn how to use Ableton Live for real-time, dynamic live performances. This course is designed for students with diverse backgrounds—from music producers, DJs, singer/songwriters, and electronic music artists to music directors, podcasters, pastors, and YouTubers.

Music Writing and Production with the iPad

This course will teach you how to create, record, mix, and master music entirely on the iPad. You’ll start by exploring the iPad hardware and operating system then learn how to select and set up the mobile studio with the correct MIDI and audio interfaces. You will learn how to use applications for specific stages of the music production process.

Master Certificates (8-12 Courses)

Music Business and Technology

Cultivate a vast understanding of the music business, music production, artist development, and arranging concepts with specific training on the music software currently revolutionizing the world of music composition and performance.

27 Credits
Music Production and Technology

This is Berklee Online’s most comprehensive course of study, focusing on every aspect of music production, from the technology, software and hardware available today to the core music theory necessary to arrange and compose great music.

36 Credits
Production and Guitar

Gain an accomplished knowledge of studio production techniques and software applications used by the pros, as well as a solid background in guitar scales, chords, techniques, as well as the ability to recreate the guitar sounds of landmark players.

27 Credits
Music Production using Pro Tools

This certificate represents the most extensive Pro Tools background offered by Berklee Online. Gain a thorough command of Avid’s Pro Tools software, from setting up your studio to advanced mixing, mastering and remixing techniques, all from the perspective and experience of Berklee’s renowned music production faculty.

27 Credits
Writing and Producing

Learn to become a contemporary writer/producer with a wide range of useful knowledge and applicable tools to succeed in the evolving music industry.

27 Credits

Professional Certificates (4-6 Courses)

Music Production

Develop a thorough understanding of the music production, mixing, and mastering process; information that can be used regardless of the specific production software or DAW you plan on using.

15 Credits
Pro Tools

Learn the techniques that the pros use on the software that the music producing industry uses everyday.

12 Credits
Electronic Music Production and Sound Design

Gain a complete foundation in recording electronic music on your computer, by exploring the art of sampling, sequencing, remixing, audio production, Reason, and sound creation.

15 Credits
General Music Studies

Create your own certificate program by adding five courses from any interest area into a dedicated program.

15 Credits

Specialist Certificates (3 Courses)

General Music Studies

Create your own certificate program by adding three courses from any interest area into a dedicated program.

9 Credits
Producing Music with Logic

Logic Pro gives you the ability to write, record, edit, and mix like a pro in your home studio. Learn to make the most of Logic Pro with Berklee’s renowned approach to music production.

9 Credits
Orchestrating and Producing Music for Film and Games

Build a solid orchestral, film scoring and game audio background that can be used to further your career creatively and entrepreneurially.

9 Credits
Pro Tools

Become a skilled producer using Pro Tools, and unlock the secrets behind production and mixing (from basic to advanced) techniques for a number of contemporary music styles.

9 Credits
Live Sound Production

Develop a background in mixing techniques based on the work of world-famous producers and engineers, an in-depth understanding of natural and artificial reverb, delay, and compression settings, and their effect on mixes, and a thorough knowledge of the special considerations necessary for recording and mixing a live show.

9 Credits
Electronic Music with Ableton Live

Gain a strong background and technical skills in Ableton Live, and develop the chops to bring to life your most creative musical ideas, both in the studio and on stage.

9 Credits
Electronic Music Production and Sound Design

Apply core studio technologies and techniques to your electronic music and sound design projects, including recording, editing, and mixing.

Music Production

Gain the analytical and professional skills needed for a successful career in music production, and graduate with a portfolio of polished productions. Create a portfolio of professional-sounding productions, and gain the analytical and professional skills needed to succeed in the music production profession.

Interdisciplinary Music Studies (Create Your Own Major)

“Build your own” music major by selecting coursework from a number of disciplines that align with your personal career goals.

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