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Front cover A Guide To Jazz Improvisation: C Instruments
For all C instruments. An invaluable resource for every aspiring jazz musician.  

arr cover Arranging in the Digital World
Great for beginners! Create truly inspired digital arrangements using today's electronic and digital instruments. Teaches basic sequencing and production concepts, with step-by-step directions for building MIDI arrangements in any style.  

50448047_BerkleeJazzPiano_75 Berklee Jazz Piano
Play jazz piano with tremendous facility and expression.  

thumbnail Berklee Practice Method - Keyboard
When you play keyboard in a band, your primary concern is chords, how to read and play them, how to progress from one to the next, and how they interact with other instruments, melodically and rhythmically. It's all inside!  

50449597_ChordScaleImprov_75 Chord-Scale Improvisation for Keyboard: A Linear Approach to Improvisation
Use harmony to its maximum creative benefit.  

50449545_ContempPianoTech_75 Contemporary Piano Technique
Develop expressive, virtuosic, and healthy piano technique for contemporary and classical styles.  

thumbnail Hammond Organ Complete: Tunes, Tones, and Techniques for Drawbar Keyboards
Build your Hammond chops! Create funky sizzles and classic Hammond sounds with this hands-on guide. Groove with this fun and comprehensive Hammond method.  

thumbnail Instant Keyboard
Whether you are learning to play the keyboard as your first instrument or adding it to your line-up, this Berklee method is the fastest way to learn the keyboard. It will set you well on your way to becoming a highly skilled player.  

50449614_JazzPianoComping_75.jpg Jazz Piano Comping: Harmonies, Voicings, and Grooves
Learn the essentials of accompanying soloists and playing in jazz ensembles.  

50449649_LatinJazzPiano_75 Latin Jazz Piano Improvisation: Clave, Comping, and Soloing
Improvise on the piano in Latin music settings.  

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