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Gain the vital tools needed to become an accomplished arranger, across a variety of genres, instruments, and styles.

12-Week Courses

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Spring Term Starts April 4 for Courses and Multi-Course Certificates

Arranging 1: Rhythm Section

Essential learning for anyone interested in arranging music for a band, Arranging 1: Rhythm Section explores all aspects of writing and arranging for the rhythm section.

Arranging: Advanced Horn Writing

Take your arranging abilities to the next level of development by studying more advanced techniques for voicing chords, orchestration, articulations, and background lines.

Arranging: Contemporary Styles

Learn to create your own original grooves by analyzing, writing, sequencing and recording the rhythms and styles that have influenced western contemporary music.

Arranging: Small Ensemble and Horns

Develop your writing and arranging skills for smaller bands and larger ensembles and learn techniques that can be applied to both live instrumentation or sequenced/sampled sounds.

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Arranging: Woodwinds and Strings

Gain a practical, real-world understanding of the sound and personality of woodwind and string instruments, and learn how to properly apply them to songs, arrangements, and compositions.

Contemporary Vocal Arranging

Master the concepts of vocal writing and arranging — from basic to more advanced—and learn to write vocal charts in a number of contemporary styles, including jazz, folk, pop, and R&B.


Gain a broad overview of counterpoint and the art of writing lines that support both the melody and the overall structure of a composition - essential information for singers, songwriters, composers, guitarists and musicians from all backgrounds.

Jazz Arranging

Become a more versatile and sought-after jazz arranger. Jazz Arranging explores techniques that will allow you to write effective jazz arrangements for all types of instrumental combinations, from bop and hard-bop, to big band jazz ensembles.

Jazz Composition

Learn effective techniques that will help you compose jazz tunes that have a balance of melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic appeal.

Music Notation Using Finale

Create great-looking music quickly and easily with the powerful Finale music notation software, and learn techniques to maximize speed, control, and accuracy.

Music Notation Using Sibelius

Learn to create lead sheets, choral and instrumental scores, drum maps and guitar notation, and explore many other ways to use Sibelius for your own personal and professional needs.

Reharmonization Techniques

Take your musical vocabulary and skill set to a whole new level for writing, arranging, and performing music of any genre by learning reharmonization and providing musical interest and variety to standard repertoire.

World Music Composition Styles

Add depth and flavor to compositions in any genre by studying the characteristics of a wide array of world music compositional techniques.

Creative Strategies for Composition Beyond Style

Learn how to develop upon virtually any kernel of an idea, from a melodic fragment to a catchy rhythm or phrase, or a nice chord. Explore a variety of approaches to composing and how they work, complete with examples, composer perspectives, and more.

Contemporary Techniques in Music Composition 1

Learn how to construct your own melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic language through the study of modern 20th century compositional techniques. In this course you'll develop your unique, compositional voice to write music for visual media, concerts, recitals, or personal enjoyment.

Spring Term Starts April 4 for Courses and Multi-Course Certificates

Multi-Course Certificates

Certificate programs are 3-18 months in duration and are designed for students who want to gain a deeper proficiency in a chosen area. No application necessary.

Programs marked with " Degree Path Certificate" allow you to earn credits that transfer directly into the online Bachelor of Professional Studies degree program. Upon successful completion of a degree path certificate, you'll be awarded provisional acceptance into the certificate's correlating degree major. Learn More About Degree Path Certificates

Master Certificates (8-12 Courses)

Arranging and Orchestration

Gain a broad but in-depth background in arranging—for the rhythm section, horns, and strings—to writing for the full orchestra, and gain marketable skills that’ll be put to work immediately.

24 Credits
Writing and Producing Music
Degree Path Certificate

You’ll come away with the multi-faceted skill set necessary to start or advance your career as a contemporary writer/producer.

27 Credits

In this program, you’ll learn to create dynamic arrangements for rhythm section, horns, small ensembles, sequenced/sampled sounds, strings, and woodwinds, and you'll apply this knowledge to your genre(s) of interest and to a variety of commercial settings, such as television and film.

24 Credits

Professional Certificates (4-6 Courses)

General Music Studies

The Professional Certificate in General Music Studies provides students with the flexibility to choose five courses from any interest area for a dedicated certificate program.

15 Credits

Specialist Certificates (3 Courses)

Jazz Composition and Arranging

Build your compositional and arrangement chops, and learn to develop your own catalog of titles and arrangements.

9 Credits
General Music Studies

The Specialist Certificate in General Music Studies provides students with the flexibility to choose three courses from any interest area for a dedicated certificate program.

9 Credits

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