Recording and Producing in the Home Studio

Author: David Franz
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Beginning with an existing demo or new song idea, this course will teach you the art of music production, engineering and recording, regardless of the recording devices and software programs you are using. You'll start by learning the basics of recording and producing, and how to configure your home studio for optimal results. You'll study the roles of the producer and engineer in the recording process, and learn mixing, mastering and editing techniques that will enable you to polish your demos into professional sounding finished recordings. You'll examine and evaluate songwriting concepts critical to the production process, and by receiving constructive feedback from your fellow songwriters, engineers, mixers, and producers, you'll create an exceptional professional sounding master recording.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Know the basics of producing and recording and how to set up your studio
  • Understand the producer's and engineer's specific roles in the studio
  • Identify and use specific recording techniques
  • Understand and use MIDI production techniques
  • Complete your project using specific editing, mixing and mastering techniques in postproduction

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