Bachelor of Professional Studies in Music Business

Music Business students will develop the skills, concepts, and methodologies needed to succeed in today’s evolving environment. The program will detail the most pressing issues facing the music industry today, and properly prepare students for the opportunities that are available in the modern music business.

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Degree Overview

In this forward-leaning degree, Professional Studies of Music Business students will gain a solid foundation and develop a plan for success in the key verticals that all music industry entrepreneurs and prospective employees have to focus on: music publishing, licensing, management, touring, marketing, entrepreneurship, and legal aspects. The program will also detail the most pressing issues facing the music industry today, from alternative approaches to copyright, the rise of mobile music consumption, the shift towards streaming music, crowd funding and alternative approaches to generating revenue, and much more, and properly prepare students for the opportunities that are available in the new music business.

Credit Transfer / Degree Completion

Berklee Online will accept up to 60 academic credits earned from an accredited institution, or earned from our certificate programs or individual courses.

More about degree completion

Students will begin the degree by developing a solid foundation in key areas of the music industry, and build on those foundational skills with comprehensive marketing, finance, leadership, entrepreneurial, and ethics studies. They will demonstrate functional mastery of the necessary music business-related skills and concepts by completing a final project in the area of their specialization. Through hands-on instruction from Berklee College of Music’s award-winning music business faculty and industry professionals, this degree will properly prepare students with a wealth of knowledge on how the music business currently operates, and provide a roadmap designed to help student know where the business is headed as well. Students will gain a worldwide perspective on the music industry through direct collaboration with other online students from around the world.

By the end, graduates of this program will:

  • Learn to analyze, evaluate, and define opportunities in the music business using both quantitative and qualitative data, and apply those criteria to their own professional pursuits.
  • Synthesize acquired knowledge into an intellectual frame of reference to be applied to all aspects of the music business.
  • Apply their knowledge by creating an entrepreneurial business plan.
  • Comprehend the principles and practices of the music business that will transcend technological advances and emerging trends.

Additional Degree Program Information and FAQs

  • Overview
  • Degree Admissions Requirements
  • Degree Tuition & Financial Aid
  • Degree Program Academic Calendar
  • Degree Completion
  • Degree Program Policies
  • Degree Program FAQs

  • Curriculum (120 Credits)

    Required Courses (30 credits)

    Choose Five Specified Elective Courses (15 Credits)

    Six Specialization Courses in Your Area of Interest (18 Credits)

    Six courses in a given student's area of interest and professional development: music business, songwriting, arranging, orchestration, etc.

    Five Core Music Studies Based on Placement (15 Credits)

    Based on placement, these five choices must include at least one theory course, one harmony course, one ear training course, and the keyboard course. Proper sequencing is indicated by the order below.

    General Education Courses (42 Credits)
    • Developing Your Artistry
    • Artistry, Creativity and Inquiry Seminar
    • Any one Composition/Writing course
    • Any one History course
    • Any three Arts/Humanities courses not already taken
    • Any four Social Science courses
    • Any four Mathematics and the Natural and Physical Sciences courses

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