Berklee Online presents

The Klon Centaur Phenomenon

I want to talk briefly about my own experience with the Klon. The introduction of the Klon back in the early to mid ′90s is arguably one of the most significant milestones


Good Vibrations: Moen’s UL-VB Jimi Zero Vibe

In this post, I’d like to share a cool pedal. I stumbled on this pedal on eBay late one night, took a chance, and wound up loving it.

George L’s: Connecting with Your Tone

Each month we talk about cool stuff, gadgets, pedals, amps, guitars. In this post, I am addressing an often overlooked aspect of the big picture: The Guitar Cable.

Cool Pedal Alert: The EHX Crying Tone Wah

Every now and again we have a product that is released that challenges the status quo.

One Amp or Two? The Lehle Little Dual

This post I will share some experimenting I have been doing with the Little Lehle Dual Switcher. The Little Lehle is made in Germany by Lehle Gitarrentechnik

Clean Boosts With or Without EQ and “Grit”

In this post, we’ll talk about the idea of some kind of boost and moderate EQ to the pure guitar signal. I am interested to hear all of your comments and thoughts on this

Tone Profile: Julien Kasper

You should know about Julien Kasper, because this guy knows tone!

Cool Amp Alert: The Evil*Robot (Phil X Custom 214) by John Kasha for Fretted Americana

I was at the New York Amp show earlier this year and the night before the show, I attended a jam session where one of my good friends was jamming through an amp called an Evil Robot.

Coolest Accessory Alert: The Guitar Pick-Punch

In the long quest for tone, we often leave out the discussion on guitar picks. The question, “What kind of guitar pick do you use?”

The Word on Some Speakers: In Layman’s Terms

In this post, I decided to do a down-to-earth rap on a handful of cool speakers that I have used lately. It is difficult to sift through the technical data on speaker websites.