Music is My Life: Episode 051

Gavin Rossdale on 25 Years of Bush, Jamming with His Children, and More

Gavin Rossdale is pictured with other members of the band Bush.

Gavin Rossdale had recorded all of the songs on the multiplatinum Bush debut, but he was still painting dentist’s offices, 11 of them, to be specific. In this wide-ranging interview of his career, he discusses his rise to fame in the mid 1990s with Bush—after he had finished with all 11 dentist’s offices, of course—and some of the numerous Bush hit singles like “Glycerine,” and “Comedown,” the latter of which he’ll tell you a very surprising fact about in this podcast. 

Bush’s full-length albums were also super successful, including their six-time multiplatinum debut Sixteen Stone and the No. 1 followup Razorblade Suitcase.
Bush released four albums before breaking up in 2002. Incidentally, 2002 was also the year that Gavin Rossdale married Gwen Stefani, who at the time was the lead singer of No Doubt. The two were married for 14 years. Rossdale also shares which No Doubt and solo Gwen Stefani songs he still loves.

He also discusses his lifelong friendship with film composer Sacha Puttnam, who Rossdale mentions in the interview went to the Boston Conservatory. Puttnam did spend time in Boston, but it was actually at Berklee College of Music, where he earned his bachelor’s in Composition. Puttnam also studied conducting and composition at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, and accompanied Rossdale on tour as a member of Bush for a while.

Bush reformed in 2010, and have released four new albums since, including this year’s The Kingdom, a deluxe version of which just arrived last month. 

Photos of Bush and Gavin Rossdale by Dove Shore