Music is My Life: Episode 047

Molly Tuttle on Weaving Her Bluegrass and Punk Rock Music Backgrounds

Molly Tuttle’s brand new … but i’d rather be with you is a collection of seemingly disparate cover songs—running the gamut from Rancid to the Grateful Dead—that got the singer through tough times in her life. She recorded the album as a coronavirus lockdown project because everybody else is currently going through tough times of their own.

In this wide-ranging interview, not only does she touch upon her time at Berklee College of Music, playing with the Goodbye Girls, but Molly Tuttle also describes how two parallel musical lives intersected in this album; her bluegrass family experience and her punk rock peer group experience. The result is a distinctly Molly Tuttle sound where no matter what genre she chooses to pull a song from, she makes it her own.