Music is My Life: Episode 028

PODCAST EPISODE 028: Red Sox and Patriots DJ TJ Connelly discusses playing music for the masses

TJ Connelly is the DJ for the 2018 World Series Champs, the Boston Red Sox, the 2019 Super Bowl Champs, the New England Patriots, and more recently the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics. He got his start as a DJ at a comedy club!

TJ Connelly is an entrepreneur, music curator, and creative technologist, best known for his work as the DJ at Fenway Park for the 2018 World Series Champs, the Boston Red Sox. One of his co-workers is previous Music Is My Life guest, Josh Kantor.

He’s also known for his work at Gillette Stadium, where he’s the DJ for the home games of the 2019 Super Bowl champs, the New England Patriots. He has also DJed for the Boston Bruins at the Boston Garden since 2017, and has recently covered a number of Celtics games.

TJ also has experience DJing several regular shows on Boston FM stations, including WZBC, WMBR, and WFNX.

If you’re not a fan of Boston sports, or of sports at all, you’ll still enjoy hearing TJ discuss his career as a DJ, and the strategies he employs to move a crowd.