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Podcast Episode 023: Andrew Joslyn Talks Violin, Orchestration, Macklemore, Money and More

Andrew Joslyn had a childhood filled with violins. His grandfather played in the London String Quartet with William Primrose, and his grandmother was a cellist with the MGM Studio Orchestras. But in college, Joslyn ditched classical music, joined a band called Handful of Luvin’ and made his mark helping Seattle area musicians score their music. His big break came when he scored some of the biggest hits by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Andrew discusses the hard lessons he learned in making sure he earned proper royalties, his experience as a Berklee Online student, and the arrangements he did for Kesha. He also talks about the Case File podcast he composes for, and his brother, comedian Chris Kattan, who worked with him for the first time in the video below, from his 2017 album, Awake at the Bottom of the Ocean.

Pat Healy is an Editor and Writer for Berklee Online. Prior to Berklee, he was the Music Editor for Metro Newspapers. In addition to Berklee, he currently freelances for Pitchfork and several other music sites.
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