Music is My Life: Episode 046

Speedy Ortiz Leader Sadie Dupuis on SAD13, ‘Haunted Painting,’ Lizzo, and More

Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz talks about Haunted Painting, the second album under her SAD13 moniker, which comes out Sept. 25. She also details how being in an internationally touring children’s choir and singing early twentieth century Russian music combined with having punk rock parents who fed her a steady diet of 1990s indie bands led to her sound. She discusses how trying to start a gay-straight alliance in high school got her in trouble, and how Pavement informed her approach to lyrics.

Sadie also discusses her criminally unheralded collaboration with Lizzo, and her regret that the two never got to perform their song together live. “It’s a really fun guitar part, and I had a great time making the song,” she says. “We were going to play it together for some Google thing, but it didn’t happen.”

She also sheds light on this awesome/awful jam with Hannibal Buress, and how it led to some very interesting hangs. Spoiler alert: It includes ice cream and wrestling. You may want to skip to the 42-minute mark of the podcast for this.