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Student Spotlight: Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell has played on stage with Buddy Guy and Keith Urban. She was selected by The Band Perry as the opener for their recent We Are Pioneers world tour. In addition to creating a strong buzz in country music circles, Rolling Stone named Lindsay one of summer 2014’s 10 new artists that you need to know. But did you know that the rising country music songstress is also a Berklee Online alum?

Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell on stage

In the spring of 2011, Lindsay completed a Master’s Certificate in Songwriting and Guitar with Berklee Online. “I heard about Berklee Online from friends who were in the same position as I was — busy traveling on the road and needing the flexibility that Berklee offers,” Lindsay recalls. “[Berklee Online] allowed me to continue to work on my music career, going to shows across North America, while still being able to take classes. The online school is set up so dynamically that it really makes you feel like you are in a classroom with your professor.  You can learn so much from the back and forth with your teacher and other classmates in each course.”

Though she’s been playing music since early childhood, Lindsay credits Berklee Online with teaching her valuable lessons. “Your training and talent are the basic seeds to start growing a career. Reaching success requires dedicated hard work and commitment. Beyond loving what you do, one of the main keys to making a career in this business is to be incredibly resilient with your inner strength and compass,” she says.

Lindsay has worked hard to reach this point in her career but she has some magical stories from the road, too. “I remember the first time Buddy Guy called me on stage when I toured with him. It was the second night of the tour, and I had no idea he was going to call me up on stage. My band and I (I was playing with a trio at the time, me on guitar, and bass/drums) were all sitting side stage watching his set. He looked over, saw us, and said ‘Well, how ’bout that Lindsay Ell!’ The audience clapped then Buddy said, ‘You know, I might have her out in a bit.’ The three of us jumped up and started freaking out, cause we didn’t know that was going to happen at all. I head to the other side of the stage, get all suited up with his guitar tech, and walk out to meet the band. All Buddy says is ‘Honey, we’re in G,” and we proceeded onto his carpet to talk with our guitars.”


Lindsay on stage with Keith Urban

“This year has been an amazing whirlwind,” Lindsay says. “I went on the road for my first radio tour across the United States and Canada, went on a 50 show tour across Europe and North America with The Band Perry, shot a music video for my first single “Trippin’ On Us,” got to debut at the Grand Ole Opry, and played lots of summer festivals. I continue to write and sit in studio sessions in Nashville whenever I’m in town.” Is Lindsay taking time off to recover from her crazy year? Not hardly. She just released a new single “Shut Me Up” and is back in the studio finishing up her debut record.

When asked what advice she has for aspiring musicians, Lindsay responded, “Practice the ‘10,000 Hour Rule.’ Ensure you are the best you can be to gain respect and fans. Be a professional. How you act day to day is a reflection on your band and your music. Show people that you can be counted on to work hard and know the difference between work and play.”

Watch the video for Lindsay’s debut single “Trippin’ On Us” below. Be sure to follow her on Twitter for all updates.

Kayley Kravitz has previously written for Vanyaland, the Huffington Post, the Boston Phoenix, and Filter magazine. When she's not writing for this blog, she can be found spinning forgotten Britpop singles in Harvard Square.
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