It’s go-time for holiday gift shopping, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for the musician or music lover in your life, the staff at Berklee Online have you covered. We try to stick to practical gift recommendations (i.e., stuff that musicians will actually use) but there are some fun and absurd gifts thrown in as well. Happy shopping!

Transposition Ring

Whether your recipient knows their transpositions by memory or not, this ring serves as a helpful reminder for composers and musicians. It also has serious potential to spark an interesting conversation. The ring spins, allowing the wearer to easily transpose between keys, and also works as a circle of fifths tool.

Silver Music Transposition Ring

Gift Card to a Local Music Business

The musician in your life likely has a go-to music business in their area, whether it’s a record store, a repair shop, or concert venue. A gift card will give your recipient permission to splurge on something they normally wouldn’t treat themselves to, and the gift will also be much appreciated by the local business. If you’re not able to visit the shop in-person to buy the gift card, check their website to see if you can have it mailed or downloaded electronically. If you don’t see any information about gift cards on the business’ website, give them a call and there’s a good chance they’ll create one for you and mail it.

New Music Book

Help expand someone’s music book collection with a new hardcover released this year: 

Berklee Online eGift Card

Give the gift of musical growth with a Berklee Online eGift card. With the ability to personalize to any amount—whether you want to cover someone’s 12-week Berklee Online course or a short-form Berklee Online offering such as the brand new Masterclass—an eGift card is a great way to encourage a loved one’s music career.

Berklee Online egift card

Yodeling Pickle

This yodeling electronic pickle will be the envy of any white elephant exchange. Just press the button and the pickle will yodel you a little tune. Give it a listen on the product page! It’s like being transported to the Alps.

Bandcamp Gift Card

If you’re around people who make music, then you know that Bandcamp is the preferred source to buy and sell music and merch. Bandcamp allows artists to sell directly to their fans, without shelling out a ton of fees to the platform. Buying someone a Bandcamp gift card will allow them to support the music they care about, and/or rock a new piece of merch they’ve been eyeing.

Bandcamp gift card

25-Pack of Guitar Strings

If you’re looking for a gift that is guaranteed to be used and appreciated by a guitarist, you can’t go wrong with D’Addario’s 25-pack of guitar strings. With three sizes to choose from—regular light, medium/blues-jazz rock, and super light—your recipient can shred a little harder with more strings to blow through.

25-pack of guitar strings

Ticket Stub Diary

Even though most people are downloading their concert tickets online, this gift may make someone think twice about picking up their paper tickets at the box office. This ticket stub diary is a great way to archive past concert experiences and to jot down thoughts after the show. 

ticket stub diary

Songwriting Inspiration Cards

The best way to get better at songwriting is to write a whole lot of songs, and when inspiration eludes you, these songwriting cards can help spark some ideas. With 110 cards to look through with guidance on chord progressions, lyric writing, song structures, and more, this gift could help your friend write their next big hit.

Songwriting inspiration cards

High Fidelity Ear Plugs

If you know someone who loves going to concerts, you’ll be doing their ear drums a favor by getting them high fidelity ear plugs. Vibes ear plugs are designed to reduce the volume of a room without affecting the sound quality. Plus they’re nearly invisible, so you don’t need to have orange foam sticking out of your ears, and they come with a carrying case, so it’s easy to take on the go and reuse over and over again.

high fidelity ear plugs

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

Entertaining for both cats and humans, this cat scratching pad in the shape of a DJ turntable makes the purrrrfect gift. Instead of destroying your furniture, your cat can channel that creative energy into some sick beats.

Cat using DJ Scratching pad

Musical Spoons

These handmade musical spoons make a great stocking stuffer and offer plenty of entertainment at your next holiday gathering. Plus the owner of the company posts some helpful instructional videos on his YouTube page, so you’ll be up-and-running with your spoons in no time. 

Taylor Swift Cookie Cutters

If you know a Swifty who loves baking, then you’ve got to get them these cookie cutters in the shape of Taylor Swift’s album covers. It even has the latest Midnights album included. 

Taylor Swift Cookie Cutters

DIY Mechanical Music Box

If you’ve ever received a music box as a gift, then you know how fun they are. This DIY mechanical music box allows you to write your own melodies by punching holes into sheet music paper, and cranking it through the machine. This is an especially great gift for kids who are interested in writing music. 

mechanical music box

Antique Piano Key Necklace or Keychain

This repurposed antique black piano key makes a unique gift for a pianist. With the option to order it as a necklace or as a keychain, you can feel good about upcycling an instrument and supporting an independent artist. 

piano key necklace

Sound-Activated Lights

There are a wide variety of sound-activated lights available online, and the music-lover in your life might have a specific preference—they come in strings, globes, projectors, and more—but the rhythm light bar is probably the most helpful for people who actively make music. It’s basically a portable volume meter, with eight different color modes, showing when the sounds they make get too loud or too quiet. They’ll also enjoy bringing it in the car or putting on top of their amps at a show.

Sound activated light strips

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 Published November 17, 2021