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Some dude studies on his laptop, as a student of Berklee Online's Live Workshops.

Berklee Online Unveils Four New Live Workshops

Berklee’s most well-regarded teachers, imparting valuable lessons in songwriting, music production, film scoring, and piano: What could be better? The new sessions begin October 19.


Laptop screen that reads "Four New Courses"

Four New Berklee Online Courses Enrolling for September 2022

Just in time for the new semester—starting September 26—Berklee Online is offering four brand new courses that will appeal to singers and pianists alike.

10 Berklee Online Courses to Get Back to Basics

As a musician, learning is a lifelong journey, and if you are looking to acquire new musical skills, there is no better place to start than with these 10 Berklee Online intro courses.

Woman sitting at piano with microphone

Berklee Online Announces Three New Degree Programs

Berklee Online will unveil three new degree programs over the next year: a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Music Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in Voice Performance, and a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance.

Guitar Pedals, Rated by Berklee Guitar Instructors!

Best Guitar Pedals According to Berklee Instructors

If you could only use one pedal for the rest of your guitar-playing life, what would it be, and why? That is precisely what we asked a number of the course authors in the Berklee Guitar department. Their answers may surprise you!

Alex Born playing guitar in his home studio.

Berklee Online Student Alex Born Earns Credit for Prior Learning in College and Life Experience

Hear how Alex Born took advantage of Prior Learning Credits at Berklee Online, which allows students to forgo up to 30 credits—that could be up to 10 courses that the student doesn’t have to spend time or money taking.

Person in a plaid shirt playing acoustic country guitar

4 New Berklee Online Courses Enrolling Now

Four brand new Berklee Online courses are dropping this April, and you can be the first to experience them. If you’re interested in guitar, voice, or learning FL Studio, then you’re in luck!

Ukraine flag

A Message on Ukraine and Russia for Berklee Online Students

The events unfolding in Ukraine are heartbreaking, tragic, and distressing. In this letter, Berklee Online CEO Debbie Cavalier and Berklee College of Music President Erica Muhl detail communications with Berklee Online students from the region.

Spotify vaccine misinformation

Spotify Boycott: What Neil Young’s Joe Rogan Beef Could Mean for the Music Industry

Instructors of Music Business Trends and Strategies weigh in on what’s next for musicians, Spotify, and the music industry at large after the Neil Young/Joe Rogan Spotify standoff of 2022.

Love songs cassettes

How to Write a Love Song

The key to a great love song is a specific yet universal message that feels like it’s about you and your special someone. This is how you achieve that.