Berklee Online presents

The Newest Allston Amp: AOC mkII

I am always very excited to be one of the first to bring news of a cool product to the general public. As known by many of you who have reached out with questions about my choice of amps


Josh Rouse at Berklee Online.

Josh Rouse: The Berklee Online Open Mic Series

Singer-songwriter Josh Rouse dropped by the Berklee Online offices not too long ago to speak with instructor Mike King about the music industry.

Berklee Online Partners with Avid

We are very proud to announce our partnership with Avid as we utilize Pro Tools as the foundational software for our online bachelor of professional studies degree in music production.

The Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine: B3 in a Box

I love a great story around a pedal. I recently received an Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine by mail. I picked it up at the Berklee mailroom during my lunch break.

Why Take Writing Hit Songs?

What does it take to write a hit song? Many of us are familiar with the perfect pop song formula – keep it under 3:30, stick to 4/4 time, etc.

Guitarist learning how to voice lead on acoustic guitar.

Voice Leading for Guitar

In jazz, you will encounter only seven kinds of diatonic seventh chords (from major, melodic minor, or harmonic minor keys). This article will show you how to voice lead smoothly and easily between these chords and their variations.

Neil Codling Launches Our Musicians' Tips & Tricks Series

Musician Neil Codling, known for his work with Suede and the Penguin Cafe, offers tips for recording and tracking drums, bass, guitar, and backing vocals.

A woman playing piano using the music modes.

Music Modes: Major and Minor Modal Scales in Music Theory

Learn how to master the major and minor music modes with this excerpt from Berklee Online’s Music Theory 201 course by Paul Schmeling.

From Demo, to Mix, to Master

Berklee Online music production instructor Erik Hawkins discusses how a song evolves from demo to mix to master.

Watch Benji Rogers' Full Berklee Online Open Mic Series

PledgeMusic co-founder and Berklee Online instructor Benji Rogers stopped by our Boston offices to offer his advice on touring, merchandising, and more.