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Berklee Online Professor Mark Cross Goes Fifty Shades Darker

Even though Mark Cross composed three pieces of music for the brand new Fifty Shades film, it’s unlikely that he and his wife will be sitting in the cinema on Valentine’s Day.


PODCAST EPISODE 004: Nathan East

If you haven’t heard the name Nathan East before, you’ve heard his bass. He’s played on upwards of 10,000 songs by the likes of Beyoncé, MJ, Lionel, Clapton, Phil Collins, and thousands more!

Kip Winger Talks Grammy Nomination and Berklee Online Experience

Kip Winger humbly refers to himself as “a rock guy who had some hits in the ’80s,” which is only part of the picture.

PODCAST EPISODE 003 (PT2): Prince Charles Alexander

In PT II of this podcast, Prince Charles Alexander shares how he walked away from fame (but not fortune) and how his path eventually led to Diddy, and engineering iconic albums.

PODCAST EPISODE 003 (PT1): Prince Charles Alexander

Berklee Online professor Prince Charles Alexander shares how he came to fame that he walked away from and how Nile Rodgers and Diddy helped him reinvent himself.

Good News for Your Ears: Shifting Political Leadership Leads to Music that can Trump Uncertainty

By and large, musicians in the public sphere are not happy about a Donald Trump presidency, but if history has shown us anything, it’s that they’re about to make some great music!

Podcast Episode 002: Sarah Neufeld of Arcade Fire

Sarah Neufeld began playing violin at the age of three, and considers herself “half-classically trained.”

PODCAST EPISODE 001: Glenn Kotche of Wilco

Music is Glenn Kotche’s life. From the age of three through his study of classical percussion in college to playing with Wilco, music has always been a part of this drummer’s narrative. Hear his story.

Phish Bassist and Berklee Online Instructor get REEL with Each Other

Loudon Stearns began his relationship with Mike Gordon the same way many in his generation did, as a fan. But it led to the pair creating the most interactive concert technology available.

AfroDJMac: Always in the Mood for Music

When Brian Funk first filmed an Ableton tutorial in his basement five years ago, he wanted to maintain his anonymity. So the high school English teacher put on sunglasses and dubbed himself AfroDJMac.