Jordan Rose drumming onstage

Jordan Rose on Drumming with Maggie Rogers, Laufey, and Jacob Collier

Berklee alum and accomplished drummer, Jordan Rose, takes a break from the road touring with Maggie Rogers to discuss his career in music, which includes drumming on Laufey’s Grammy-winning album, and being in the studio with Jacob Collier. Oh, and he also reminisces about being an Advisor with Berklee Online.


A person with tattoos biting their fingernails and looking nervous against a yellow backdrop. 

Stage Fright: How to Get Over Performance Anxiety

Musicians have many fears: Fear that they’ll mess up onstage, that they’re not good enough, that people won’t like their music. Fortunately Ashlee Varner has strategies to reduce your anxiety, in this excerpt from her Music Career Essentials for the Professional Singer course.

Bethany and Blake Jourasin singing at their wedding.

Bethany and Blake Jurasin on Being Partners in Life and Music

Berklee alumni Bethany and Blake Jurasin discuss what it’s like to be married musicians, how they won their 2020 wedding, and how their musical paths led them to each other.

How to practice drums in an apartment: Close-up image of a drum kit

How to Practice Drums in an Apartment

Learn creative solutions for practicing drums in an apartment without annoying your neighbors. Drum mute pads, brushes, blankets, and old fashioned courtesy all come into play.

Seba Stephens and his professional certificate from Berklee Online

Seba Stephens (Age 10) Earns a Professional Certificate from Berklee Online

Seba Stephens—and his dad, Everett Stephens—share what it’s been like for a 10-year-old who took to music so young and so fast, taking music courses at a college level.

Jazz guitar improvisation

Jazz Scales You Need to Know for Improvisation

Learn the 10 scales that cover 95 percent of all jazz improvisation situations with the help of Gary Burton.

Jungle Giants’ Sam Hales on Vibing with Bandmates

Sam Hales of Jungle Giants on taking the reins of his band, working two jobs to make an EP, and learning to trust your instinct.

How to Livestream a Concert

There are more live concerts to stream online than ever before. These seven tips will help you optimize your own live stream, with input from jazz drummer Matt Jorgensen and singer/songwriter Jill Andrews.

Jazz legend Gary Burton is pictured playing the vibraphone.

Jazz Improvisation Tips for Your Next Solo

Legendary vibraphonist and Berklee Online course author Gary Burton shares his jazz improvisation tips to make your next solo look and sound easy.

Chilean artist Nano Stern

Nano Stern Talks Life on Tour and Musical Traditions

Chilean artist Nano Stern stopped by Berklee Online on the eve of his sixth US tour to play some music, discuss life on tour, and talk about musical traditions from Latin America.