Courtney Harrell teaches a new Masterclass for Berklee Online on August 5, 2024.

Courtney Harrell on Her Own Secret for ‘Navigating the Music Industry’

America’s Got Talent producer Courtney Harrell discusses how following something that she calls “the snap” helped guide her through the wild variety of her music career and how it informed Get Heard: Promoting Yourself & Navigating The Music Industry, her new Berklee Online masterclass.


Attendees of a nondescript sporting event sing a nondescript national anthem for a nondescript country in this stock image.

Best National Anthems—According to Berklee Online Faculty

Berklee Online instructors weigh in on which country takes the gold for best national anthem, which is important to know as you watch the Olympic Games medal ceremonies in July.

Berklee Online student Vitas Svigaris is pictured in a field, staring out into the distance.

‘Never Stop Learning’: The Busy Life of Vitas Svigaris and His Relaxing Music

Vitas Svigaris runs two companies and is on track to complete four grad degrees with Berklee Online in four years. Somehow in his busy life he has managed to produce a catalog of calming music. Here’s how he says he manages it all.

Mark Kelley of The Roots stands in front of the logo for his employer, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Roots Bassist Mark Kelley on Completing his Degree with Berklee Online 20 Years Later

Mark Kelley has a steady gig every night as bassist for The Roots on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but he was starting to feel like something was missing from his life: His college degree.

Carlos Arana, course author and instructor of the Berklee Online course AI for Music and Audio is pictured against a white background. Photo credit: John Davenport

What is Generative AI and Should Musicians be Afraid? Carlos Arana Will Let You Know!

Carlos Arana, author of the Berklee Online course AI for Music and Audio, shares why it’s important for musicians to educate themselves about generative AI and to replace fear with curiosity.

Steve Zimmerman, fourth from left, looks out onto the city of Boston with the other members of the reunited Drop Nineteens.

Drop Nineteens Return to the Road 30 Years Later

Steve Zimmerman has been Berklee Online’s Director of User Experience for more than 15 years. Before that he was a founding member of Boston shoegaze legends Drop Nineteens, a band he is happily reuniting with for a tour next month after a decades-long hiatus.

A colorful illustration shows modulation through the concept of changing keys.

Modulation 101: Berklee Online Instructors on How to Leap into a Key Change

Modulation can inject a song with a jolt of interest, but it takes skill to make a key change work. Be advised, songwriters: Use modulation in moderation. And learn from these Berklee Online instructors, sharing their favorite songs to feature key changes.

Berklee Online student and musician Julia Pratt is pictured, holding a guitar and performing in concert at the Umbrella Arts Center in Concord, MA, where she opened for Brandi Carlile.

Julia Pratt on ‘Two to Tango,’ Going for Her Degree, and Performing with Brandi Carlile

Julia Pratt is a full-time Berklee Online degree student who balances music business coursework and actual music business (which includes millions of streams, a collaboration with Mt. Joy, opening for Brandi Carlile, and more).

A group of United States war veterans—including Phil Schwartz and John Gerac—poses for a photo after participating in a Soldier Songs and Voices event.

Harmony and Healing: Veterans Find Camaraderie and Purpose through Music

Many US military veterans are finding that learning musical skills helps them connect with fellow vets and deal with their PTSD. Read their emotional stories.

Logos for the following music technology companies are shown:, DistroKid, Freestyle Vinyl, LANDR, and BandLab.

Music Technology Roundup 2023: A First-hand Account of the Latest Creative Resources for Musicians

New music technology has revolutionized how we create, produce, and edit music. Here is one writer’s challenge to himself to explore more music technology.