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Common Lyric Writing Roadblocks…and Ways to Overcome Them

As our newest creative group is about to get underway, I’m thinking about some of the frustrations they’ve expressed with their writing and how to guide them through these challenges.


5 Steps to More Inspiration

There are a few things we songwriters can do to increase the odds we’ll write something slightly more rare and coveted than our average gleaning.

Why Take Writing Hit Songs?

What does it take to write a hit song? Many of us are familiar with the perfect pop song formula – keep it under 3:30, stick to 4/4 time, etc.

Why Take Berklee Online's Writing and Producing Advertising Music Course?

Berklee Online’s Jingle Writing course aims to teach students not only how to write a memorable hook, but also about the structure of the commercial music marketplace, revenue flow

New Year’s Inspiration

A few pearly words of wisdom to start off the new year. You know how I’m always going on about finishing your productions

Writing Rough Drafts

It’s easy for me to advise you to finish all of your productions, no matter what, but what exactly are the steps to getting your tracks done?