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5 Ways to Stop Writing the Same Old Song

When songwriters write with any regularity, it’s natural to reach a point where many of our songs sound vaguely similar. These consistent characteristics define our current style, and can be the very hallmarks that draw listeners to our music and collaborators to want to write with us.  But too much of the same thing can […]


5-Minute Lyric Writing Tips for Creating Better Songs

Sometimes, songwriting can feel like pushing a boulder uphill. But songwriting tools help us work through difficult songs or plateaus in our writing.

Tips for Writing Big Message Songs

There are two topics they say never to bring up with your inlaws – religion and politics. Funny enough, those same topics carry some baggage for songwriters, too, though not for the same reasons.

Becoming Unique as a Songwriter

What many artists don’t realize is that originality is not planned, but the product of fervent exploration leading to happy accidents.

How to Find a Collaborator

There are a lot of reasons why finding collaborators is difficult.

Small Moments Write the Song

If you’ve been writing songs very long, you may have heard how important “imagery” can be in songwriting.

5 Steps to Start Writing Lyrics

If you’ve never written lyrics before, it can be overwhelming to imagine where to start. From my online students, I often hear how relieving it is to bring structure and tools into the mix

How to Get Better Feedback On Your Songs

A friend of mine recently expressed frustration that she doesn’t get useful feedback on her songs. The kind of feedback she gets is too general

Visceral Language in Poetry and Lyric

On a trip to Boston earlier this year, I enjoyed the ease and convenience of Uber to make my way into Back Bay each morning.

Simple Piano Tips for Songwriters

In my experience working with singer-songwriters, a topic that often emerges is how to use simple and strong instrumental techniques to express our songs.