Having a dependable hard drive for your projects is a really, really important part of your music production rig. It’s where you will be storing your work, session files that represent countless hours of work, blood, sweat, and tears. So why would you keep your work on an inexpensive hard drive? That’s like affixing your masterpiece on newsprint; I can guarantee you that it’s going to fall apart sooner rather than later. Take it from personal experience: those inexpensive, consumer level drives can’t handle the demands of large, multi-track audio sessions on a regular basis.


Running multi-track audio sessions on your computer’s internal OS drive will eventually lead to problems as well, because your OS drive is busy with other important tasks, such as continually accessing dozens of system files.

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For a very dependable, A/V rated drive with a killer warranty, I’ve been using the Glyph drives. Their newest SSD devices absolutely scream. They’re much faster than traditional spinning hard drives — so much faster in fact that I’ve taken to backing up my projects on traditional disk-based drives, but running my current multi-track sessions on an Atom 1 TB SSD. Here’s my review of the new Atom SSD and some very impressive track count tests. Don’t skimp on your main working hard drive. Get the best — the safety of your projects depend on it!