At any given time there are at least a dozen new Berklee Online courses in the works, which involves everything from writing curriculum to filming lessons to designing graphics. The development process can take up to a year, but fortunately this April semester, there are four brand new courses dropping, and you can be the first to experience them. If you’re interested in guitar, voice, or learning a new DAW software, then you’re in luck!

Country Guitar

Whether you want to play exclusively country, or add a new genre to your repertoire, the Country Guitar course authored by Kevin Belz will familiarize you with the essentials of the genre, from country licks, melodies, and solos, to fingerstyle playing, picking techniques, and more. The course also covers the history of country music, explores many of the sub-genres, and discusses types of guitars that are prominent in country music. You’ll also discuss instruments like the baritone guitar and pedal steel guitar, and learn the different ways that you can mimic these sounds on a standard guitar. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to confidently play with a country music ensemble.

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Essentials of Teaching Contemporary Voice

Not only is this course extremely helpful for those who want to teach voice lessons, but it will also help you to connect more deeply with your own voice. Essentials of Teaching Contemporary Voice, authored by Clare McLeod, will help you develop the ability to see your voice through a functional and artistic lens. The course will explore how to best nurture your students and teach them how to sing, while also investigating the human anatomy and physiology. The focus on the science is to help singers utilize different vocal components to support their artistry. The course also helps those who are eager to start their career as a vocal coach, offering pedagogical philosophies and insights, as well as the more practical aspects like how to set up a teaching studio or establish your own pricing policy.

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Producing Music with FL Studio

If you’re interested in adding FL Studio to your running list of DAW programs, then Rishabh Rajan’s new Producing Music with FL Studio course is the way to go! You’ll learn all the fundamentals to start making electronic music in this dynamic program, including drum programming, MIDI recording and editing, audio recording, mixing and mastering, effects processing, and much more! By the end of the course, you’ll be producing your own music from scratch, in addition to creating your own visuals that you’ll learn how to synchronize to your music to create a piece of multimedia ideal for sharing. 

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Guitar for Beginners

In this course, authored by the chair of the Guitar department at Berklee College of Music, Kim Perlak, you’ll receive a ground-up learning experience in how to play guitar. Perlak breaks down each lesson into her tried and true methods for first-time guitar players, incorporating essential music theory elements in accessible terms, and breaking down songs (like Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” the Beatles’ “Let It Be,” and Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready”) so you’ll be playing in no time. Whether you’re picking up guitar for the very first time, or you’ve been playing and want a more formal education in the instrument, Guitar for Beginners is for you.

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 Published March 27, 2022