A man playing guitar by a pond.

How to Write Lyrics Faster

Berklee Online songwriting instructor Andrea Stolpe teaches you how to write lyrics faster by judging your songs less.


A guitarist playing their instrument near a pond.

How to Write Better Chord Progressions

I love it when songs just fall out. If I could write every song without consciously applying a single tool of the craft, I would. Tools are hard work, and let’s face it, I’d rather be lazy.

Beginning Songwriting

I recently finished a new book with co-author Jan Stolpe called “Beginning Songwriting,” and I’d like to talk about its contents here.

Songwriting Outside the Box

We all have a particular style of writing, whether we’re aware of it or not. Our style supersedes genre, and characteristics of it bleed through.

Networking Tips for Songwriters

One of the first questions I ask songwriters and artists I work with is, “what are you doing to network with other writers and artists?”

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How to Use Sensory Language in Song Lyrics

Berklee Online songwriting instructor Andrea Stolpe teaches you how to use sensory language in your lyrics to write more vivid songs.

Lyric Writing Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them

As our newest creative group is about to get underway, I’m thinking about some of the frustrations they’ve expressed with their writing and how to guide them through these challenges.

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5 Steps to More Songwriting Inspiration

There are a few things we songwriters can do to increase the odds we’ll write something slightly more rare and coveted than our average gleaning.