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Industry Feedback Breaks Us And Makes Us

Recently a friend shared with me an experience she had at a publicly open pitch session in Nashville.


How To Write Lyrics With Artists

As songwriters or producers, it is our job to make an artist look good. In other words, we need to capture with sound what makes that artist unique and appealing.

When Songwriters Can’t Sing

Head into any venue in Nashville, Tennessee and you will hear songwriters in the round belting out great songs with varying degrees of vocal talent or ability.

Simple Tools for Writing from the Title

I’d like to write a bit about how to get going on a song when we start with the title. The online course Lyric Writing: Writing from the Title explores many wonderful tools

How to Write Faster and Judge Less

Many students taking the online lyric writing courses here at Berklee Online find the workload refreshing. Daily writing assignments push students to write nearly every day.

Simple Tips for Better Chord Progressions

I love it when songs just fall out. If I could write every song without consciously applying a single tool of the craft, I would. Tools are hard work, and let’s face it, I’d rather be lazy.

Beginning Songwriting

I recently finished a new book with co-author Jan Stolpe called “Beginning Songwriting,” and I’d like to talk about its contents here

Writing Outside Your Box

We all have a particular style of writing, whether we’re aware of it or not. Our style supersedes genre, and characteristics of it bleed through

Networking That Works

One of the first questions I ask songwriters and artists I work with is, “what are you doing to network with other writers and artists?”

How to Use Sensory Language in Lyrics

Lately I’ve been blogging about the significance of sensory language in our lyric writing. But even as we songwriters know how important imagery is