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How to Write Songs with Groove

Some genres of music are driven largely by groove. If we are not accustomed to writing with groove in mind, it can be difficult to push our songwriting into this space.


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What to Prioritize in Your Music Career

Berklee Online songwriting instructor Andrea Stolpe discusses using your time wisely and making sacrifices to further your music career.

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How to Write Better Lyrics

Learn how to write better lyrics with the help of multiplatinum songwriter and Berklee Online author and instructor Andrea Stolpe.

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Tips for Finishing Songs

One of the most frustrating problems we experience as songwriters is difficulty finishing songs. We might get stuck at the chorus, or maybe after the first chorus.

How to Write a Melody for a Song

A great melody always makes a song more memorable. It sounds obvious to say, but it is amazing how often we put emphasis on other elements of the song such as groove or lyric.

Harmonic Progressions for Songwriters

You don’t have to have a degree in music theory to write harmonic progressions that underscore your lyric well.

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Music Industry Feedback Breaks Us and Makes Us

Berklee Online songwriting instructor Andrea Stolpe explains how to take feedback from people in the music industry to help and not hinder your career.

How to Write Song Lyrics for Other Artists

Berklee Online instructor Andrea Stolpe shares her techniques for songwriting with a recording artist who may or may not be a songwriter at heart.

How to Be a Successful Songwriter When You Can’t Sing

Head into any venue in Nashville, Tennessee and you will hear songwriters in the round belting out great songs with varying degrees of vocal talent or ability.

Simple Tools for Writing from the Title

I’d like to write a bit about how to get going on a song when we start with the title. The online course Lyric Writing: Writing from the Title explores many wonderful tools