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A common question I hear from aspiring music producers is, “How can I use a sample pack to quickly build a beat?”  So, I downloaded a couple of sample packs from Beatport Sounds loaded them into Ableton Live’s Drum Rack and Simpler and got busy producing a simple trap music style beat. In the video below I take you through the whole process, step by step, from building a drum kit, to writing a beat, and recording a bass line and melody. I even added a couple of transition elements to keep things interesting. Here’s the journey:

Erik Hawkins is a composer, producer, remixer, and author whose talents and technical expertise have leaders in the music industry calling him a “taste maker.” He has worked with and remixed a variety of top artists. His own progressive dance music tracks have been used by major television networks and film studios, His articles and columns have been published in Remix, Mix, Electronic Musician, MC2, Keyboard, and DigiZine. He has also written several books, including The Complete Guide to Remixing (Berklee Press), and Producing Drum Beats (Berklee Press). His Berklee Online course, Programming and Producing Drum Beats, won the UPCEA Best Online Course Award for 2011.
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